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The Sandbox presents its first round of partners

We are very proud to announce our first wave of partners who will help us build The Sandbox metaverse.

We’ve already built several partnerships from mainstream widely known brands: Shaun the Sheep, award-winning mobile game studios: Animoca Brands/Pixowl, Old Skull Games, top decentralized games: MyCryptoHeroes, Axie Infinity, CryptoWars, Battle Racers and industry partners: Klaytn, OpenSea, Bitski, Blocore,, DappRadar and to claim a stake into our Metaverse and secure their own virtual real estate.

It is a great honour for The Sandbox to be collaborating with these companies. With them we will be building a strong diverse ecosystem to bring an exciting blockchain gaming experience to the masses.

Map of the first of LAND presale

Here is a more detailed look at the way we will be collaborating with each partner:


As our parent companies, it is thanks to AnimocaBrands and Pixowl that it is all possible to begin with. The Sandbox is built through the expertise of their highly knowledgeable teams. They also have an ESTATE each in The Sandbox to create exclusive community hubs and gaming experiences.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity will be utilizing The Sandbox platform to create a racing game using Axie-voxel art as seen below. The game will be available in the Axie Infinity ESTATE in the middle of the map and we have high expectations from this awesome team.

BattleRacers / Altitude Games

Battle Racers and The Sandbox will be mutually supporting each other in developing amazing gaming experiences. In the near future we could find some Battle Racers inspired dioramas with avatars attending races in The Sandbox metaverse.


The Sandbox is using multiple tools offered by Bitski to help reach a more mainstream audience. Bitski is helping The Sandbox by providing users that are new to blockchain with a default Bitski User Wallet


Blocore can provide us with multi-layered acceleration from market research, analysis, local and global marketing to PR and so on. They also have one of the country’s largest ad networks and their own game studio which comes invaluable to the project’s growth. Thanks to their expertise and under their mentorship we will also be receiving in-depth customized advisory services from marketing to strategy planning as well as an overall growth and improvement of The Sandbox gaming experience.

Through this new partnership, will help The Sandbox to reach much larger blockchain-centric users, as well as bridge the worlds of traditional gaming and blockchain gaming.


Through this partnership, The Sandbox and DappRadar will find mutual benefits. On one side, DappRadar will list The Sandbox on its platform, assist with event promotions and generally increase visibility to potential users. On the other side, The Sandbox will also be looking into implementing DappRadar’s data to track its game metrics upon launch inside both the Game Builder and the Marketplace.


Thanks to Animoca Brands, The Sandbox parent company, having participated in the seed round funding for Experimental, both CryptoWars and The Sandbox will promote and market each other to their respective platforms. Additionally, in the next rounds of presale, Experimental will have a piece of ESTATE in The Sandbox. Expect more enjoyable game experiences and potential additional collaborations.

F1® Delta Time

As projects developed under the same parent company, Animoca Brands, The Sandbox and F1® Delta Time will mutually grow and enhance the fan experience as well as broaden the companies’ user reach. F1® Delta Time will also most likely have a racing car gaming experience built in The Sandbox metaverse.


Through this partnership, The Sandbox will be exploring how it can build a product compatible with Klaytn’s public blockchain platform to expand both ecosystems in the future. Klaytn has the ability to convey the value and potential of blockchain technology to millions of prospective users around the world and would provide The Sandbox with compelling use-cases.

Korean District

The Sandbox Korean Artists Community will bring to The Sandbox metaverse a voxel-based version of an originally themed ”Korean district”, inspired by traditional Korean folklore, where Korean folklore traditions and culture will be reinterpreted through voxel art. Each ASSETs in the district will be very distinctly Korean.


As part of our collaboration, we will focus on expanding our ecosystem of players worldwide as well as creating an innovative gaming experience using voxel-art. Pixel artists will have a chance to become voxel artists and create original ASSETs for The Sandbox. My Crypto Heroes claimed a stake into The Sandbox metaverse and artists from My Crypto Heroes will be working on creating experiences within The Sandbox.


On users will find, among other projects, a thorough listing of The Sandbox markets and upcoming user-made UGC NFTs, as well as a listing of the upcoming LANDs for our LAND presale rounds. In turn we will be relaying contents and analysis to our community for full transparency and organize contests to offer some LAND to their users. This partnership will also be the opportunity to provide and receive technical assistance and advice on our respective APIs. The Sandbox will provide regular feedback and improvement inputs to and they will help, in any capacity, with ours.


Creators, players and artists alike will find great uses from our partnership with OpenSea. Indeed OpenSea will be the only platform enabling peer-to-peer reselling of our ASSETs while we develop the feature on our marketplace. Potential future use-cases will flourish including the possibility for our users to list The Sandbox projects and upcoming user-made ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs on OpenSea.

Shaun the Sheep

Through this partnership, The Sandbox will have an ESTATE assigned to Shaun the Sheep’s voxel world. Shaun will be one of the first licensed characters to enter The Sandbox metaverse. Young and old fans alike will be able to play around in a voxel-made reimagining of the colorful Mossy Bottom Farm. Game experiences around Shaun could be created by the community, including fans and voxel artists.

Our partners and collaborators, will be able to build game experiences either themselves or through their fan communities that can be experienced upon the public launch of the platform in 2020. Most of them already have an ESTATE or a parcel of LAND in The Sandbox.

Our next LAND presale is right around the corner, bringing along even more partners! You can already pre-register to be the first to purchase a parcel of LAND at a discounted price with a strategic position.

LANDs are limited so don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity.

Make sure you pre-register your wallet and confirm your email here:



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