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Jul 12 · 3 min read

The latest developments and updates on The Sandbox gaming platform

While the selected group of artists that joined us through the Creator Fund have been exporting their amazing voxel assets to The Sandbox Marketplace over the past weeks, a lot of new features have been developed to filter the thousands of assets that will soon populate the marketplace.

From the various categories that will help you to find the NFTs you want, to the features that will provide artists essential tools to create new models , here are the latest developments the Sandbox team has been working on.

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The Sandbox Game

Land Undo button

Terraforming land using special terrain modification tools is one of the key features of The Sandbox game. To help with this process, our team has developed a very useful tool to undo changes that have been done in the land. This allows users to undo actions that may have affected their view of the terrain without the need to delete or replace any assets, blocks or terrain modification.

This development will not only detect the use of tools that terraform the land — any change in the terrain will be detected and can be undone, such as a small change on an individual block or adding a new asset.


Preparing assets for The Sandbox game

As new voxel assets arrive on The Sandbox Marketplace and we work on the final blockchain tweaks to create simple and accessible user experience, we’re also focusing on NFTs as assets for the Sandbox game — specifically, how to help players find the assets they want.

There are now various categories to filter assets to find what’s best for your land. You’ll be able to search the different biomes, categories, and asset types — such as static or animated — along with a special avatar section.

In addition to the thumbnail view of an asset, you will have a 3D view of all NFTs on the Marketplace. The exact dimensions of an NFT will also be provided to help you ensure an asset will correctly fit as intended in your land.


Ghost rig

This new feature will provide creators a better view of assets when it comes to modify models that are attached to a rigged skeleton. Apart from providing a clear view of the rest of the models attached to the rigged skeleton, this feature will allow creators to have a reference of the changes they may consider to a selected model and take into consideration how these changes will affect the rest of the rigged skeleton.

For mostly avatars and animals, as well as any asset that contains a complex skeletons with many models attached to it, the ghost rig will prove to be helpful to consider minor and considerable changes to a model — without having to change windows from the rigger and the modeler to see how any modification have affected a full rigged asset.

Stay tuned for upcoming news!

The Sandbox

A Decentralized Gaming Platform Made By Players.

The Sandbox

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A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem Made By Players.

The Sandbox

A Decentralized Gaming Platform Made By Players.

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