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Aug 14 · 3 min read

The latest developments and updates on The Sandbox gaming platform

As we continue to optimize developments in The Sandbox game that will help players and creators to place as many assets as they want to create amazing game experiences in their LANDs, we are preparing the final tweaks to our marketplace as we develop the first version of our metaverse map.

From a key development in our Marketplace that will allow players to choose their piece of The Sandbox metaverse, to important tools developed in VoxEdit that will provide creators a better way to create animations, here are the latest developments the Sandbox team has been working on.

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The Sandbox Game

Performance improvement

User generated content (UGC) is one of the key elements of our gaming platform, with thousands of assets needing to be ready to be placed on a LAND to create amazing game experiences. As such, The Sandbox team is constantly working to increase and improve the performance of UGC.

This entails ensuring that assets available on our Marketplace can be transferred to the player’s LAND of choice as soon as they’re placed in the his or her virtual wallet, providing specialized tools that allow players and creators tools to smoothly add mechanics and behavior to their land’s assets, and making it possible to merge multiple LANDs to expand the playable experience that a player can achieve. The Sandbox game is preparing for the ambitious game development that UGC will bring as players are provided with the freedom to create amazing experiences.

Our team is in constant development process to keep improving the performance while adding key features and tools that will make of The Sandbox metaverse a unique place.


The Sandbox’s Metaverse Map

To provide players an intuitive crypto experience in our marketplace, we are currently in early development of The Sandbox metaverse’s interactive map to display the hundreds of thousands of LANDs that will be available to buy and own.

The release date of our fully working blockchain marketplace is getting close and with it the key and final tweaks that will provide players and creators a straightforward manner to create, sell, and use NFTs as they place them and create game experiences in the Sandbox metaverse. The Sandbox metaverse map will display parcels based on ERC721 standard called LAND. LAND can be traded with other users, combined with other LANDs to increase the playable experience and also be converted into a set of lands called a district.

The Sandbox metaverse will come with a set of various terrain blocks. Their appearance can be changed by acquiring more block skins through the marketplace shop or creating skins on our free voxel editor, VoxEdit.


Rig Mirror tool

The latest developments added in VoxEdit are improving the variety of animations possible within the rigging system of VoxEdit.

Inverse kinematics, the latest addition to the software, offers creators that are new to animations an easy and intuitive tool while providing experienced artists with a familiar and essential tool to create advanced and very detailed animations within our editor. It does so without affecting the creation of a skeleton or the attachment of new joints with models.

Our latest development, the Mirror tool, offers creators another time saving tool when rigging models in VoxEdit. It allows mirroring a side of an already created skeleton, such as one side of a character.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news!

The Sandbox

A Decentralized Gaming Platform Made By Players.

The Sandbox

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A Decentralized Gaming Ecosystem Made By Players.

The Sandbox

A Decentralized Gaming Platform Made By Players.

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