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The Sandbox: Project Update #16

The latest developments and updates on The Sandbox gaming platform.

Everything is getting set for the release of the first version of The Sandbox Marketplace. We’re still developing and implementing important tools and key features in VoxEdit and our game maker to allow artists, creators, and players to create amazing voxel assets and game experiences, but the key blockchain features in our Marketplace are being finished as all the elements of our gaming platform are coming together.

This week we have key development in our Marketplace that will enable a full blockchain workflow with the thousand of assets created. We also have important developments in VoxEdit that will provide creators and artists tools to create amazing voxel assets. Read on to learn more about the latest developments the Sandbox team has been working on!

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The Sandbox Game


One of the goals for The Sandbox has been to offer simple and straightforward features that enable users to customize their worlds and create game experiences.

Toward this goal, the emissivity of assets will allow creators and players to create assets that can have additional visual effects when used in game. Along with the ability to create models, skeletons, and animated assets that can be turned into NFTs through our Marketplace, VoxEdit also now allows emissivity on assets to be selected in the game.

As we prepare the next specialized tools for creating amazing experiences, the final tweaks are coming together to give players access to customization tools for terraforming their LANDS and game experiences.



SAND is ERC-20 Ethereum-powered utility token that will be the medium of exchange within The Sandbox. It can be transferred an unlimited number of times between users for P2P transactions such as the purchase or sale of LANDS or game assets. (LAND are portions of the Metaverse open to player ownership, while assets are tokens created by players.)

There will be a limited supply of three billion units of SAND available, and as a scarce token, it’s based on the smart contract ERC-20. The latest developments on SAND are focused on the final blockchain tweaks regarding the token. In the meantime, our soon-to-be-released Marketplace is being filled with the thousand of voxel asset that will be available as NFTs obtainable with our ERC-20 based token.

On top of these features, once SAND is out, players will be able to stake it within our game. This means that users will be able to stake SAND inside games in The Sandbox to increase their chances of finding game resources.


Freestyle pen & Color picker

As the latest features added to VoxEdit were mainly focused on the rig section of the editor (with a goal of providing essential tools and features that provides creators an intuitive and familiar set of tools to create amazing animations), the modeler is now getting a couple of interesting features that will help in the creation of quality voxel assets.

The freestyle pen provides creators a familiar way of creating models that, in conjunction with the orthographic camera, will allow creators familiar with pixel art be able to intuitively create voxel assets for The Sandbox. This is especially true given the similarities of art style between pixel and voxel art. The color picker, on the other hand, will provide creators a way to customize and change the colors utilized in a more direct way.

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