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The Sandbox: Project Update 4

The latest developments and updates on The Sandbox gaming platform.

As we approach the end of April, our team has continued working on important developments that will soon make possible the release of The Sandbox Marketplace and connect our blockchain gaming platform. We’re also working to eliminate any friction points for non-crypto users looking for simple and accessible user-experiences.

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The Sandbox Game

Asynchronous Inventory

Now that the development allowing verification of assets stored in the wallet associated with the user’s Marketplace account has been finished, the latest addition to The Sandbox game will allow a manual refresh of the game inventory. By pressing the refresh button, users will be able to reload the game inventory, allowing the game to retrieve the user’s wallet information in search of new NFTs that may have been acquired after the game started running.

Copy & Paste Tool

One of the key features of The Sandbox game is the possibility to terraform land with a special tool to modify the terrain. This will allow users to customize their land as they see fit. In regard with this development, our team has developed the Copy & Paste tool, which allows users to select any the terrain blocks in the land to to copy and paste. Apart from saving the time of recreating patch of terrains, this tool will facilitate customizing and creating unique lands.


Gallery Approvals

While more than 65 artists that have joined our team though the Creator Fund and are currently creating assets that will soon will be converted to NFTs, we have added a special section to review and ensure quality for the first NFTs available on the first version of our Marketplace. This section is meant for moderation only, and will first be utilized for the artists working for us. It will also be used in the future to ensure the ownership of the assets in case of any conflicts that may occur in terms of copyright.

Upload Page

Since the latest addition to VoxEdit that allows the assets and animations created within the editor to be exported directly to the Marketplace has been in development, our team has redesigned and updated the upload page. It will now allow selecting a thumbnail of different angles of the uploaded assets and also selecting the various categories to which an asset may belong.


Voxel Animation Format

One limitation of our voxel editor was the format that assets could be exported — VXM for voxel models and VXR for animations and rigged models. Now, by separating the rig (in Voxel Rig format) from the animation data we are ensuring a better workflow and an organized way for creators to keep track of their work. Among other new features that are being worked on, this new format will support having different animations within a rig.

Voxel Compressed Format

Along with the new format for animations and rig of the editor, this new compressed format allows compressing and packaging assets for the Marketplace and The Sandbox Game. This format will contain the models, rigs, thumbnails, and animations.

Creator Fund Update

As many artists that joined our team though the Creator Fund have been working with us for the past six months to create a large variety of assets to populate the Marketplace, artists will soon have more than 2,000 assets converted to NFTs available for everyone.

We’ll be back next week with another update!




A Decentralized Gaming Platform Made By Players.

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