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The Sandbox: Project Update 5

The latest developments and updates on The Sandbox gaming platform

As May begins we’re approaching the release date of the first Marketplace version after months of work integrating it with The Sandbox Game and VoxEdit, the key parts of our project. As we move toward our goal of creating a gaming platform that empowers game makers to create, publish, and monetize a myriad of unique experiences on a decentralized platform with cryptocurrency payments, find out the latest developments that the Sandbox team has been working on.

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The Sandbox Game

Flying Mode

One of the most important features of The Sandbox is the possibility of creating and customizing all the key elements users will encounter on our gaming platform. Our new flying mode will provide players an accessible way to place their NFTs, terraform the land, and change the overall style of the terrain they own using the blocks offered by each biome.

Collision Detection

While the size and total amount of voxels within the blocks that will populate each land have long been established, one of the developments that’s currently being worked on is collision detection and interaction behavior between different entities within the game. Since the shape, size, and volume of the voxel assets that will be generated through VoxEdit and then converted to NFTs in our Marketplace are controlled by creators, the potential assets that can be placed in each player’s land are limited only by the creator’s imagination. Although this is good news for creators and players looking for unique NFTs, the intricacies this will represent in game is something that we are still working on polishing. Our goal is to create an immersive experience that provides fluid physics and animations in order to enhance the user experience.


Wallet Login

A wallet login will create a Marketplace account that will be the user’s main online identification. It will also generate a public page that can display the user’s NFTs if they choose, either as a portfolio of creator assets or an inventory that displays a player collection. Once the account is created and is also linked to a wallet, users will be able to log in directly using the wallet associated with the account.

Wallet Inventory Synchronization

Since users will be able to log in to their account that has already been linked to a wallet, and then have another wallet active while on the marketplace, the inventory displayed on the users account is currently synchronized to the linked account instead of the active wallet. We are now working to improve the user accounts so they can support multiple wallets in the Marketplace.


Animation Selector Menu

As one of the latest developments on VoxEdit has been the creation of new formats for animations and rigs, this new feature adds a menu that displays the different animations that a rigged model has. It also offers the possibility to create new animations if none have been created. This addition to our editor will provide an accessible way to create and customize animations.

Animations Copy

Alongside new formats, menus, and features pointed toward polishing of the rigger to facilitate a straightforward way to create fluid and dynamic animations within our editor, the ability to duplicate an animation that is being worked on is equally important. This new development will allow creators to improve their creations by duplicating any animation of a rigged model created within the editor.

Creator Fund

As the final tweaks of the Marketplace are coming together, artists will soon be creating their accounts to upload the assets they have been creating over past months. These assets will populate The Sandbox Marketplace with the first of many series of unique NFTs for our gaming platform.

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