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The Sandbox Public LAND Sale
Wave #2 — Featuring Pranksy, Metapurse & Yield Guild Games

Announcing the second wave of our public LAND sale, launching on February 25th at 1PM UTC with two prominent figures in the blockchain space: Pranksy and MetaKovan — and with the blockchain game company, YGG, as well.

With each wave, we will be releasing new parts of The Sandbox metaverse, featuring unique themes, content, and partners, so stay tuned for news on upcoming waves in the future!

The Sandbox is a decentralized gaming platform where players, gamers, and creators can design and monetize their user-generated content on the blockchain.


  • The second public LAND sale wave of 2021 will be in partnership with two blockchain enthusiasts: MetaKovan and Pranksy, and the blockchain game company Yield Guild Games (YGG).
  • The wave will launch on February 25th at 1PM UTC.
  • 19 ESTATES and 1,024 regular LANDS will be available.
  • 13 ESTATES (10x M, 2x L, 1x XL) will be sold on 2-day auctions on OpenSea.
  • 6 ESTATES S (3x3) will be sold for direct purchase on the map.
  • An Box of February 2021 will be gifted to one lucky LAND Owner in this second wave.
  • For the first time, a 24x24 Estate XL (576 LANDS) will be sold in an auction on OpenSea

Wave 2

Yield Guild Games + Metakovan + Pranksy

The Sandbox public sale wave #2 will feature two prominent figures in the blockchain world and a gaming company. All three will have ESTATES that will be visible on the map. One lucky LAND owner, from one of the 1,024 LANDS for sale, will have the chance to win an exclusive NFTBox generously offered by Pranksy! This will be a special giveaway and the winner will be randomly selected.

A total of 1,024 unique LANDS and 19 ESTATES will be up for sale for this wave. 6 ESTATES S (3x3) will be sold directly on the map along with the LANDS and the remaining 13 ESTATES will be put on auction on OpenSea. For the first time ever, one XL ESTATE will also be auctioned on OpenSea!

Each ESTATE is closely located to either Pranksy, Metakovan, YGG or The Sandbox’s ESTATES, so the owners and players will easily travel across the metaverse using the transportation system.

For the first time, a 24x24 ESTATE, the largest ESTATE yet offered, will be sold on auction. Our first public LAND sale only had M (6x6) and (12x12) L ESTATEs listed.

How to bid on OpenSea?

The process will remain the same as in wave 1:

  • A total of 10x ESTATEs M (6x6), 2x ESTATEs L (12x12) and 1x ESTATE XL (24x24) will be sold in auction on OpenSea.
  • Users will freely place their bids starting from Thursday, February 25th at 1PM until February 27th at 1PM UTC.
  • Each ESTATE will have a floor price depending on its size.
  • Bidders will have the choice to place a bid on any and every ESTATE they wish to acquire.
  • Each bidder will have to outbid the subsequent bidder (place a higher bid than the previous one) to have a chance at winning the ESTATE.
  • The final winner will be the one that has the highest bid by the end of the auction.

The highest bidders for each ESTATE will be validated and contacted to receive their winnings after the two-day auction has passed.

Place your bids on one (some or all) of these ESTATEs:

How to claim your ESTATE?

Once the auction ends, the highest bidders of each auction will receive an NFT from OpenSea. This NFT acts as a redeemable ticket, a proof that you are indeed the winner of the auction.

The next step will be to send us an email at and we will give you directions to send the NFT to The Sandbox wallet address. In return, we will mint and send the LANDS matching the ESTATE won.

We will update the article once the links are available on OpenSea for the auctions.

Has this been done before?

Our first auction sale that took place on February 11, was a complete success. In total, the 9 ESTATEs on auction were sold for a total of 1,839,165.49 $SAND! Floor prices have been set at 200,000 $SAND for an M ESTATE (6x6) and 240,000 $SAND for an L ESTATE (12x12). This is a big opportunity to own ESTATEs and the first time ever, a 24x24 ESTATE is being put on auction by us.

About Pranksy

Market expert and crypto influencer Pranksy is the co-creator of NFT Boxes, a monthly subscription box to which we have contributed a few times in the past. He plans on rebranding his initial project into the space and opening it up to all creatives who’d be interested in working with their team to make something truly special. We could perhaps expect a Box hunt in the future?

“I’ve been humbled by the support The Sandbox has shown me, My advent calendar and now NFT Boxes, I hope we can continue raising each other up long into the future!”

Pranksy added that he still has some reindeer saved from the advent calendar event that he hopes to use as many assets as possible to liven up the space.

About MetaKovan

Creator of the crypto-exclusive fund financed Metapurse, MetaKovan is an investor that holds the largest known NFT collection in his Metapurse fund. He and his team created the B.20 Monument, built within a single The Sandbox parcel which is still one of the largest NFT art experiences in the Metaverse. He declared that “it has made us think at scale, to construct worlds and a gamescape that’s truly immersive.” According to him the Metaverse is only now waking up. We had an era of acquisition — of collecting stories that are stored in NFTs. It’s not late to the party, nor is it ahead of its time like fully VR worlds that will need much more time for mainstream adoption. The appeal of The Sandbox is instant and universal. It’s safe to say that any production MetaKovan has in mind — and B.20 was a production — will necessarily involve The Sandbox.

To the question of whether we’ll see any other cool NFTs in The Sandbox, he answered:

“For sure! The coolness comes not just in the NFTs themselves, but also the fact that we are keen on sharing the upside of those assets with a large community. By co-creating, contributing, or just engaging with our experiences, stakeholders stand to gain financially.The time for blockchain based gaming is now, and The Sandbox is ahead of the pack. Can’t wait to build awesome things with you guys.”

About YGG games

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a play-to-earn guild that gathers gamers to play and earn from different blockchain-based economies in the Metaverse. The YGG team is looking forward to developing YGG member-exclusive NFTs that will appear in The Sandbox!

“Our visions for the Metaverse are interconnected, open virtual worlds that have blockchain-based economies. Yield Guild wants to inhabit every virtual world that has play-to-earn economies and help invest in and populate those worlds.”

What will come next?

The Sandbox team will be regularly announcing new waves of LAND sales with major partners and fun themes so follow us on Medium to stay up to date.

If this is your first LAND sale, or its been awhile since you participated, these articles will be helpful:

To buy a LAND, you will need to follow these 3 steps:

1. Set up your wallet

2. Get $SAND

3. Buy LAND on The Sandbox map (Make sure you are there on time!)

Don’t miss the launch of the presale by pre-registering your wallet here:



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