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The Sandbox Retweet Bounties!

We are excited to announce the launch of The Sandbox “Retweet” $SAND Bounties! We are allocating 100,000 $SAND to be distributed over 4 weeks of Twitter bounties.. 25,000 $SAND given out to our community members each week!

The Details..

We see all of our awesome community members sharing our posts, RTing and liking our teasers.. so it is time to incentivize these actions!

How do I enter?!

Simple! Make sure to follow @TheSandboxGame official Twitter account very closely.

Over the next 4 weeks specific Tweets from our official twitter account: @TheSandboxGame will contain the hashtag “#TheSandbox” some will also include a direct mention of our $SAND RT Bounties.

An example of this: “#TheSandbox RT to win a $SAND Bounty!” at the bottom of the tweet.

When you see a line referencing our bounties in the Tweet all you have to do is be following the account and “RT” the Tweet for your chance to win a prize pool of 25,000 $SAND every single week!

Three winners will be selected after 1 week of the date of each bounty enabled tweet using the following random selection tool: ReTweet Picker.

The Prize Pool

A selection of 3 random winners each week will win the following:

  • A share of 25,000 $SAND weekly!
  • Each winner will be distributed a proportionate share of the 25,000 $SAND each week based on how many “Bounty Tweets” were released! (IE: If we release 2 bounty tweets that week each of the 6 winners will receive 4167 $SAND)
  • Winners will be selected after 1 week of date of the tweet using the random selection tool ReTweet Picker.
  • The bounties will last a total of 4 weeks!

Our first bounty tweets are LIVE!

We can’t wait to start awarding all of our awesome community members and followers for sharing our posts!

Join our community on one or more of your preferred channels:



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