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The Sandbox Token ($SAND) integrated into ZenGo Wallet

The Sandbox team is proud to announce that their native Token $SAND was included in the ZenGo crypto wallet. The integration will have a positive impact on the token ecosystem, strengthen its community and expand the list of cryptocurrencies available for the rapidly growing volume of exchanges of one of the most secure wallets in the ecosystem.

$SAND users can send, receive, and trade $SAND right from their ZenGo wallet, starting today, December 14, 2020.

ZenGo: Crypto’s First Keyless Wallet

ZenGo uses open-source threshold cryptography to replace the private key and all the troubles related to securely managing non-custodial wallets. ZenGo’s solution eliminates the typical friction points of onboarding and backup and does so without the existence of a single point of failure. ZenGo is easy to backup, simple to recover, and guarantees that only the customer has control of their funds.

By introducing $SAND, ZenGo becomes the first non-custodial, keyless wallet to support the asset. There is no simpler way to hold, send, and receive $SAND Tokens. And with the signature solution, $SAND owners can now enjoy an unprecedented level of security.

ZenGo supports an extensive list of the most successful tokens and coins in the cryptocurrency market. In addition to the usual cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, and BNB, the wallet supports around 48 currencies, including 3 major stablecoins. As a result, $SAND users are able to not only send and receive, but trade $SAND right from their wallet. With ZenGo, you can trade BTC, ETH, and other coins for $SAND, and vice-versa.

Coming soon: Spend your SAND tokens with VISA

As if that wasn’t enough, users of both The Sandbox metaverse and ZenGo Wallet will soon be able to easily spend their $SAND tokens anywhere and at any time, thanks to ZenGo’s integration with VISA, with the first crypto payment card tied to a self-hosted, on-chain, multi-currency wallet where funds are controlled by the user.

The ZenGo Card will first be available to residents of the United States, before expanding to more locations.

You can find the details in ZenGo’s dedicated article about the card here.

Why do you need $ SAND?

$SAND Token is our native utility token based on the Ethereum smart contract under the ERC-20 standard.

With the $SAND tokens, the ZenGo community will be able to access the utility token of the Blockchain-based gaming platform The Sandbox and be able to spend their coins in the different ways available within the metaverse such as acquiring assets like Land and participate in governance and staking, among other benefits.

You can find more information about the token and its characteristics in the dedicated post.

Earn $SAND

To celebrate our listing on ZenGo, 60 lucky users will win $50 worth of $SAND in a raffle. Here are the steps to participate:

1. Follow @ZenGo and @TheSandboxGame on Twitter

2. Retweet this Tweet and tag 2 of your friends

3. Make sure to Install our app using this LINK

4. Fill out this FORM

Winners will be announced on the 21st of December!



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