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Get ready for The Sandbox metaverse and learn all about its tokens!

As we are getting close to our presale events, we’ll be listing and explaining all the tokens available on The Sandbox gaming platform.
What are they? How do you use them? What is their place in our metaverse?

In this article, we will explain the uses and importance of our ASSET tokens which refer to user-generated content (UGC) aka. voxel models, which artists made for The Sandbox using Voxedit.


An ASSET is the name of the token that refers to voxel assets on our marketplace.

Once these assets are uploaded into the blockchain ecosystem through our marketplace, they are automatically converted into NFTs based in the smart contract ERC-1155

If you do not know what are NFTs(Non Fungible Tokens), read our previous article on the topic:

Any entity that is designed with the intention to add a level design elements into the game maker, or use it as an equipment for your avatar counts as an ASSET. ASSETS can be either used for in-game experiences, to fill a LAND to create game experiences, or to be traded and monetized on the blockchain.

An ASSET can be differentiated in three different categories:


It serves as a level design entity, it can be an environment asset like a tree, a building, or a giant dragon flying across your LAND..


Anything that can be attached to your avatar, from an epic Viking axe to a pair of cute cat ears


In addition to the basic blocks that will be available with the Game Maker, players will be able to create new blocks that can be used to create unique experiences.

The ASSET token refers both to a smart contract that you’ll need to buy from the Marketplace or ASSETS you create on your own. Basics ASSETS will be a part of our blockchain gaming platform as we will be providing basic versions of this token that will be available in the Game Maker for creating or participating in game experiences.

User-Generated Content

One of the key features of our gaming platform is the possibility to create an ASSET from scratch (using VoxEdit), upload it to the marketplace and then monetize it into the blockchain.

Creators will be able to upload new creations on our platform freely if they choose to, to then be minted with the use of escrowless auctions. You can learn more about it here: creators to share and upload their assets on the blockchain ensures greater diversity in the art styles and variety of assets available on the decentralized gaming platform.

Players will only be able to create, share and play their game experiences, they will be able to monetize them with the help of various systems that we’ll describe in the future.


ERC-1155 is a new standard for representing virtual items on the Ethereum blockchain that allows the creation of multiple types of tokens in the same contract. Basically, it means that this smart contract allows Creators to mint any number of copies of the same ASSET, and also when using an ERC-1155 token with a supply of 1 can be also seen as an ERC-721.

This flexibility is particularly useful for items used in games, many of which will come in numbers. In The Sandbox, Creators can mint any number of copies of the same Items/ASSETS.

This feature is important for us, as we want our creators to be able to create both NFTs with a unique scarcity (via ERC-721) that can work with the existing ecosystem, and also multiple copies of an asset (via ERC-1155). Creating multiple copies offers creators the ability to mint a collection of items they can sell for use in various gaming experiences.

Learn more about it in our previous article about this smart contract:

Rarity & Scarcity

ASSETS that artists and creators upload into the marketplace can be enhanced with special attributes that will change their behaviour in the game experiences that the Game Maker provides.

Aside from the specific attributes and how they will affect your gameplay, there are four different rarities that NFTs in the Sandbox will contain.

Scarcity is the number of copies an ASSET will have.

A system of GEM (tokens) will be implemented to manage scarcity and rarity.

There will be three main classes of GEMs that can be burned to an ASSET before converting it into an NFT (or to an asset that you have bought previously). Common, the basic rarity of an NFT when uploaded to the marketplace, is the basic level.

Using a rarity GEM to improve your NFT will provide better visibility of it in the marketplace, as GEMS will be scarce in The Sandbox Metaverse.

When a creator designs an asset, he can decide to change the tier of this asset at the cost of 1 GEM of the three higher tiers — Rare, Epic, or Legendary, giving him the option to mint them to the recently created asset to prevent paying for the gas fee of converting the asset to an NFT and then paying again to mint a GEM to a desired NFT.

Attributes System

Attributes are “traits” of an ASSET set by the creator when uploaded in the marketplace. (eg. strength, speed etc.). They can change depending on the ITEM’s rarity — the higher the rarity, the more points can be distributed to your NFTs.

With these attributes, you will be able to get better visibility in the marketplace and define your ASSETS main traits for your game experiences.

The Sandbox’s Marketplace

In addition to the hundreds of assets produced by artists who joined us through the Creator Fund available on the marketplace, thousands of amazing voxel creations will be created and converted to NFTs on our marketplace by players — or anyone that wants to share their own virtual assets that can later be sold and used in-game experiences.

The idea behind this ambitious project is to create a blockchain gaming platform that will offer freedom to its players in order to create what they want, from complex game experiences to simple but useful NFTs that can acquire value according to how they are used.

There will be different categories available to search within the myriad of NFTs available on the marketplace to find the ASSET that you want to get. Aside from the fact that the vast majority of the assets on the marketplace will be on the common tier of rarity, any Gem burned into your created or acquired NFT will also provide more visibility compared to the rest that are for sale.

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