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The Sandbox unveils BLOND:ISH’s ABRACADABRA, a psychedelic, limited time concert experience

ABRACADABRA! Here’s Canadian DJ, recording artist, environmental activist, streaming/tech-junkie, crypto-nerd, entrepreneur and magician BLOND:ISH’s new, limited time concert experience!

Our resident DJ for Alpha Season 2 is back! BLOND:ISH is unveiling a brand new, exclusive adventure starting Wednesday November 30. Titled “ABRACADABRA” after BLOND:ISH’s female powered collective focused on bridging the worlds of music and art with wellness and eco-activism, both online and IRL, this virtual experience will coincide with the entrepreneur’s real life concert held on November 30 during Art Basel in Miami Beach. Theexperience will take players to the next level of music, reality, and self-expression to bring some ofBLOND:ISH’s magic to the metaverse.

Join BLOND:ISH in this psychedelic virtual event filled with rainbows, mushrooms, and love to collect chakras, reunite people with their love wings, and explore different pockets based on sorcery, alchemy, and more! Finish at least one in-game quest in ABRACADABRA to win a special badge, and every participant will get a memorabilia item. Complete every quest to win your share of the 100,000 SAND prize pool!

And that’s not it! An exclusive set of 11 diverse NFTs including the Rainbow Truth Wings and the Smile Helm will be available for purchase.

Hold tight, more details will be released shortly!



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