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The Summer Jam LAND Sale — Wave 1

Get ready! The Sandbox is kicking off its first wave of Summer Jam LAND sale on Thursday June 24th at 1PM UTC.

During this wave you will have a chance to purchase some of the 810 LANDS and 270 Premium LANDs available around two major NFT projects: Hashmasks and ZED RUN. You will also have the opportunity to bid on one or more of the 7 ESTATEs that we will auction on OpenSea.

If you wish to participate in this sale, make sure that you have your SAND and ETH (on the same wallet) ready to purchase!


Find out more about who our two partners are and what they plan on doing on their LANDs:


Hashmasks is one of the largest collaborative NFT art projects coming to The Sandbox. The team behind the project created a platform that offers unique digital portraits that can be named by the owner rather than the artist. Hashmasks is the first collectible project where the value and rarity of each NFT is not predetermined but rather evolving with the different participants of the art pieces, be it artist or consumer.

In The Sandbox, Hashmasks will own an ESTATE that can be constructed as an art gallery. We can’t wait to see some of their an extension of their 16,384 unique digital portraits exhibited within our metaverse.

You can spot their 6x6 ESTATE at the -42,120 coordinates above a 12x12 ESTATE that will be put for auction on OpenSea on the 24th and on the left of an ESTATE owned by The Sandbox.


ZED RUN’s project is all about making digital horse races that uses blockchain technology to provide provable ownership and fair digital horse racing games. Their horses are easily recognisable. With ZED RUN you can create your own legacy with the racehorses that you own. Their 12x12 ESTATE will offer more than enough room for race tracks and some epic voxelized horse races.

You can spot their 12x12 ESTATE at the -48,132 coordinates between a 6x6 ESTATE that will be put for auction on OpenSea on the 24th and a 6x6 ESTATE owned by The Sandbox.

Premium LANDs

The 270 Premium LANDs that will be up for sale during this first wave are all conveniently located close to our partners, The Sandbox owned ESTATE and the ESTATEs that will auctioned on OpenSea.

These Premium LANDs will also come with a bundle of five exclusive NFTs:

Left: Blond:ish Peacock — Middle: McDull, Prince de la Bun — Right: Moda DAO Monument
Left: Skeleton Metakey Bot — Right: Zed Run Monument ( Alex’s avatar not included)


More of an ESTATE kind of LAND owner? Don’t worry, we have some in store! 2 small 3x3 ESTATEs, 2 medium 6x6 ESTATEs, 3 large 12x12 ESTATEs will be auctioned on OpenSea

Head over to our map and don’t miss this first wave, starting at 1PM UTC on the dot!



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