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The Summer Jam LAND Sale — Wave 7

One last hurrah before we bid our Summer Jam LAND sale goodbye — for good this time.

The seventh and final wave of our Summer Jam LAND sale will occur on August 12th at 1PM UTC when 756 LANDs and 302 Premium LANDs will be for sale. Seven new partners are also making their way into the metaverse along with the release of a new purchasing system. Read on to learn more about our final wave of Summer Jam LAND sale.

If you wish to participate in this sale, make sure that you have your SAND and ETH (in the same wallet) ready to purchase!

For more info:


Find out more about who our seven partners are and what they plan on doing with their LANDs:

NFT Swapper

Created by one of our ambassadors, NFT Swapper is an upcoming tool that will allow users to swap their LANDs and other NFTs to facilitate trades within the community. Users will also have a chance to meet up on their ESTATE to discuss trades and more! You can find their 3x3 ESTATE at the -186, 198 coordinates.


The CryptoArt.Ai platform gives an opportunity for artists to showcase and sell their blockchain-based work to collectors. On CryptoArt.Ai, every digital artwork, be it visual, animations, audio, photographs or other original content, is authentic and truly unique. With their entrance within our metaverse we hope that their 3x3 ESTATE located at the -174,186 coordinates, can be a space where artists, art enthusiasts and collectors can meet and share their passions in a place where we can see some of the art displayed.

Wicked Craniums

The Wicked Craniums is an NFT collection of unique looking skulls. These skeletons are the pictorial representation of the 10,762 Craniums that belong to the island of Osseous. Having these Craniums join our metaverse will bring this more versatility and even more cool NFTs! Their 6x6 ESTATE is located at the -156,144 coordinates, right below a 6x6 ESTATE that you will be able to bid on auction on OpenSea.


Fitness has never been this gamified. OliveX is a digital lifestyle company whose goal is to improve the integration of technology with fitness to create an interactive fitness metaverse which is built on artificial intelligence, gamification and premium content. Dust off your dumbbells and get ready for an immersive and fun fitness experience with OliveX on their large 12x12 ESTATE at the -192, 180 coordinates, where you’ll have plenty of space to exercise — your right to have fun!

Brand New Vision (BNV)

Brand New Vision is the digital fashion marketplace where you can bid for, collect, and trade virtual apparel, footwear and accessories from leading brands and designers. You can easily spot their 6x6 ESTATE at the -204, 180 coordinates.


MoonCats are procedurally generated pixel cats which are deterministically generated based on blockchain data. Created shortly after CryptoPunks, they’re one of the oldest known Ethereum assets to use generative creation, which allowed anyone to locate and rescue MoonCats for just the cost of gas. Their 6x6 ESTATE is located at the -198, 168 coordinates above a large The Sandbox reserved ESTATE and a next to a 3x3 ESTATE, that you will be able to bid on, on OpenSea.


Athletes, entrepreneurs, musicians, entertainers and players will enjoy this partner. Round21 is the project that celebrates the originality within each player through art by customizing sport gear. Their 3x3 ESTATE can be found at the -183, 159 coordinates.


More of an ESTATE kind of LAND owner? Don’t worry, we have plenty in store! On August 12th at 1PM UTC, you will have a chance to bid on three small 3x3, four medium 6x6 and two large 12x12 ESTATE that will all be auctioned on OpenSea. But don’t dawdle, the auctions only last 24 hours!

Check the shortcuts to each ESTATE on auction below:

Premium LANDs

The 302 Premium LANDs that will be up for sale during this sixth wave are all conveniently located close to our partners, The Sandbox owned ESTATE and the ESTATEs that will be auctioned on OpenSea.

New partners and new waves also means that the 302 Premium LANDs for sale will come with a bundle of five new NFTs that you can discover below:

Left: Bitlectro Labs Cassette — Middle: CryptoAI — Right: Mooncat
Left: OliveX Gold Gym — Right: Cyberkongz Vending Machine

Queue System

The team is continuously running tests and tweaking the queue system. At this point, we feel the feature has not reached the ideal thus we won’t be implementing it during this seventh wave. Only when the feature has reached optimum level will we implement it and this is currently not the case.

As for the LAND limit feature, it too won’t take effect during our seventh wave. It’s implementation during our sixth wave although a success, required a few tweaks to be better so we will keep working on improving it for the near future.

We hope to get these features ready by the time our next sales roll out and will keep you updated of our progresses along the way.

As always, we strive to bring you the best purchasing experience during our sales and will continue working towards that goal. Our main focus remains to have this features working as smoothly as possible so we can give everyone a better LAND sale experience and fairer chances on getting a LAND.

Happy sale!



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