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Thoughts on inclusivity in games from the youngest member of the Game Maker Fund — Creators Interview #9: Erica

Welcome to our Game Creators interview series, where we feature creators and members of The Sandbox community, giving them a platform to share their stories.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

What initially attracted you to The Sandbox?

How were your first experiences with VoxEdit and the Game Maker?

You are currently working on 3D Print Your Life, could you tell us what the experience will be about? What was the idea behind 3D printers?

What motivated you to create such an inclusive experience with a diverse cast of characters?

What drove you to apply this young?

Erica creating ASSETS for 3D Print Your Life

How did The Sandbox help you achieve your goals?

City Customers in 3D Print Your Life

How do you balance personal life, school and your world building?

Players will be able to experience 3D Print your Life soon, how does it feel?

What would you say to young aspiring artists and creators?

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