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3 min readMay 12, 2020


Learn all of the new features and tools of VoxEdit beta and start creating.

Since its release as an alpha voxel editor, we recently released its beta version making it a whole new software that was improved thanks to hundreds of feedback of the talented voxel artists that have joined The Sandbox team through the Creator Fund. We want to share with you some insightful video tutorials that can help you start on voxel art and improve your voxels. Made by the amazing Alex Florez, our Artist Lead Manager & Voxel Guru.

Download VoxEdit for free: https://www.sandbox.game/en/create

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Getting Started

Being guided by Alex aka Kamizawke, lead voxel artist behind our creator fund, we’ll begin with the very basics of VoxEdit, what it is, where to download it, and a quick overview of each of the software elements, the modeler, animator and block editor respectively.

VoxEdit Beta’s Modeler

Being the core of VoxEdit, the modeler will help you create your voxel models from scratch, and with the current tools and features at your disposal, you’ll be able to design unique models to use within the Sandbox playable metaverse, sell it on the marketplace or export it to use on your own projects.

Follow Alex’s tips and tricks to learn how to start creating your own assets.

VoxEdit Beta’s New Template Animations

If you are creating voxels with the intent of using your assets for either the Sandbox marketplace or Game Maker, or you just like the art style that we’ll be using on our metaverse, you may want to select one of the new animated templates.

These new templates count with different animations that can later be selected on the Game Maker, rigged skeletons with pivot points created to make the animations work fluidly and you’ll be able to select from a rich variety of entities such as mammals, reptiles, birds and more.

Take note and find how to edit templates to customize your assets.

VoxEdit Beta’s Animator

As the strongest pillar of VoxEdit, the animator is where you’ll be able to bring life to your assets. After creating your models, you can start creating a skeleton, where the different parts of your model will be attached to it by pivot points used as a point of reference for the animations.

While the basics of animating with VoxEdit can be a straightforward process, there are plenty of options available for creating unique and very complex animations with it, so be sure to stick around and start with a first glance of animating with VoxEdit.

VoxEdit Beta’s Block Editor

The block editor is one of the latest additions to VoxEdit and is pretty much what it states, a way to create the blocks of terrain that can be used on The Sandbox game experiences.

Compared with the rest of VoxEdit’s elements, the block editor can be seen as an ordinary element, however, it is a clear solution to create the terrain textures that will fill the game experiences of a LAND in The Sandbox.

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