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VoxEdit Beta Update #8 Now Live!

The latest version of VoxEdit is already up and running, download it now!

VoxEdit Beta version #8 is now live and brings you a whole lot of new hotfixes and features to create amazing ASSETs for the Sandbox metaverse, such as new body templates for body parts on the Sandbox Avatar creator, palette save/load fixes, and more.

What’s new?

Full body templates for body parts in Avatar creator

Since you can now change and fully customize your Sandbox Avatars through your profile, VoxEdit has added new full-body templates that fit the Avatar’s body parts.


  • Full body templates for body parts in Avatar creator.
  • Fixed several crashes on the Library Panel.
  • Fixed rendering bugs
  • Palette save/load fixes
  • Translation issues when adding rotation between keyframes
  • Profiled and halved load times, added async thumbnail loading for templates.
  • Added LOD to VXR8.
  • File browser sidebar is now scrollable and can contain up to 32 favorite folders.
  • Several Shortcuts UX enhancements.
  • Added screenshot toast notification telling where the file can be found.
  • Screenshot autogenerated file names now in YYYY_MM_DD_HH_MM_SS order (swapped YYYY & DD).
  • Added missing footer tooltips for several tools.
  • New Animated Trivia Splash Screen.
  • Change renderers to work with palette LUTs.

Bug fixes:

  • VoxEdit takes too long to load at startup
  • ANIMATOR — Lights: colors render differently on different nodes/assets using the same palette
  • MODELER— Palette panel: loaded palettes disappear when undoing steps
  • File Dialog — Drives/Favorites list overlaps filename input
  • VOX- Preferences window- Improve UX
  • ANIMATOR — Light Source Control: when lights are set at 0° they don’t illuminate the front of the rig
  • ANIMATOR — Lights: the top of very big models aren’t illuminated
  • MODELER — Viewport: when the app needs to redraw the model in the viewport strange dark lines appear
  • MODELER— Footer: fix hardcoded key for Screen Rect Tool
  • Screenshot Tool — Change file name syntax for better OS organization
  • File Dialog — Sorted files: files are not sorted by A — Z
  • User Notifications — Location of saved screenshots

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