We’re Offering Artists $2M in Grants to Create Content in our new The Sandbox

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5 min readDec 14, 2018


We’re Awarding Grants to Help Voxel and Digital Artists Create and Publish Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in our New Blockchain Gaming Platform

We’re excited to share the news that our forthcoming decentralized blockchain gaming platform, The Sandbox, is launching a massive $2 million (USD) Creator Fund to support artists around the globe via grants.

Simply put, we want to help you make and share amazing creations on our platform, with the following benefits:

  • Free prime exposure for your creations in The Sandbox
  • Create, share and sell your voxel creations to game developers and players
  • Keep full ownership and copyright of your creations
  • Maintain creative freedom with art direction under your own control
  • Learn how to create and sell NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Be part of our creator community building a new gaming future
  • Excited? You can apply here to the Creator Fund

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a decentralized, community-driven platform where creators can monetize NFTs, voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. We are aiming to disrupt the market by being the first blockchain platform offering the large community of creators its very own non-fungible token (NFT) builder gaming ecosystem. You can visit The Sandbox website to learn more about what we’re building.

Introducing the Creator Fund

Here’s how our Creator Fund will work in The Sandbox:

  • First, you’ll sign up so we can evaluate your work, as we want to encourage the best assets
  • Grant rewards will be on a per-asset basis
  • In addition to the grant, you’ll be able to sell your creations to players when The Sandbox launches
  • That’s it! You can apply here to the Creator Fund
You can create & sell your 3D models on The Sandbox Marketplace

The Creator Fund ensures you’re benefiting for your work upfront so that you get rewarded for joining our platform from day one.

Artists will be able to define the scarcity of their models on the The Sandbox Marketplace

The Sandbox’s Creator Fund is an initiative supporting all talents without any distinction of age, gender or country of origin. The fund will predominantly be used to reward and incentivize artists to submit original voxel models. Artists will be able to register to qualify, submitting their voxel models to The Sandbox team for approval.

The Creator Fund isn’t limited to just $2 million. It’s a revolving fund that will be replenished using transaction fees from The Sandbox Marketplace.

The fund is limited to the first 1,000 artists who are approved, so if you’d like to sign up for a chance to enter this elite group, please go to the Creator Fund Application Form.

Selection Process

The judges for the fund are The Sandbox Community Team.

What We’ll Be Reviewing

  • Range and quality of the artist’s work
  • Originality and suitability for use of assets in interactive environments
  • Artistic imagination
  • Demonstrated capability in your field

What We’re Looking For

  • Creators who can produce both static and animated voxel assets
  • Creators who can produce assets that engage players in an interactive, game-oriented environment
  • Creators who exhibit artistic imagination throughout their work
  • Creators who thrive on an authentic working partnership with the players and developers who will buy and use their assets
  • Creators who can assess not only the visual attraction of their assets but their suitability for players and developers

You can sign up via the Application Form.

Creating in The Sandbox

In The Sandbox, any creative person can make their very own static or animated voxel objects. It’s as easy as creating something using “LEGO-style” blocks, and the creative process is aided by our upcoming powerful, intuitive VoxEdit tool that allows anyone to create and animate NFT objects from scratch, or import existing creations. If you’ve used other 3D tools, or even Photoshop, you’ll find this process easier.

In addition to easily creating new works, you’ll now be able to publish your voxel creations on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), virtual tokens ensuring digital scarcity, security and authenticity without the limitations of central control. The models you make will be unique, and their scarcity will be provable on the blockchain in perpetuity, allowing them to be freely and securely traded in The Sandbox as well as on third-party NFT marketplaces including the leader, OPSkins/WAX, among many others. With the true ownership of your NFTs, we believe creators like yourself will hold a vested interest in the success of our platform.

One of the main components of The Sandbox platform is its Voxel Editor

Using VoxEdit in The Sandbox

We want to make it as easy to create content as possible, and toward that end we’re developing intuitive, powerful NFT creation tools. The VoxEdit tool mentioned above allows you to quickly create 3D voxel objects, either creating them block by block from scratch or importing existing models from your asset library, and animate them as well. It’s not quite ready yet, but we expect to launch it before the end of 2018.

Some of the main features of VoxEdit include:

A game changer in voxel creation
  • All-in-One software (Model, Rig, and Animate), available for Windows and Mac
  • High level of detail models
  • Advanced Renderer
  • Versatile Color Palette
  • Skeleton System
  • Cut & Rig
  • Powerful Timeline
  • Keyframing interpolation
  • Curves
VoxEdit allows you to rig and animate anything you want using the timeline via an easy-to-use keyframing mode.

You’re invited to learn more about VoxEdit at www.sandbox.game/editor.

Artists are Welcome in The Sandbox — Sign up Today

To sign up to get notified when our Creator Fund begins accepting applications from artists, please proceed to the Application Form

We also invite you to get involved in the community through The Sandbox Discord channel at discord.gg/vAe4zvY. Community members will be considered for early access to the first public beta of VoxEdit, expected to launch soon.

Rigging a Character in VoxEdit

We’ll be sharing more details on the Creator Fund and The Sandbox in the future on our Medium channel at medium.com/sandbox-game, so stay tuned.

Thanks and happy creating!

The Sandbox Team

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