Boxing Days

Or the story of how Ben met one Sandbox member a day for 30 days

What do you do when you’re a part of a network of over 1200 people, where it’ll be hard to meet individual members for quite some time? In my case I decided to have a call with one member at a time for a month, ending a day before my time disappears once more.

I’m Ben, I’m a few months old at Sandbox stemming from the Lisbon hub and over the next month I’ll meet 30 of you. Most for the first time, some not, and will be writing recaps at the end of the week so that I keep in mind all that has happened, also to share with the wider community this experience.

I had the idea originally because I’m not able to be at the summit in Croatia, and wanted to connect with people, bouncing the idea off Joana (Lisbon co-ambassador) she told me that Inês Santos Silva had done something similar last year! So I got in touch with Inês, who I already knew, and asked her about her experience, which she recommended me to replicate. Having also met 3 Sandboxers in a “productivity tracking” exercise/experiment, I was excited to to try this out. I was surprised by the reception, as I have by now 24 of the 30 days’ calls booked. From 17/04 to 05/05 all is full!

I’m going in with little intention, mainly to meet the members of this network, I feel like this will develop over the 30 days, with more clarity by the end. If you have any questions you’d like me to consider over these weeks (about the network and its people, about the experience, about whatever), let me know! Having said all that, see you tomorrow Álvaro!!

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