Boxing Days part 2


Two weeks gone and I have talked to 6 more Sandboxers this week. It was a more relaxed week, the conversations were generally more laid back, but there were a couple that were non-stop. The loveliness eating lunch with a dinner partner across the world was a stand out, also because of how it did strike me a little strange.

After another week of doing this I’ve felt it could be amazing if Sandboxers randomly regularly connection could be a huge added benefit to the members, a way to get a completely different view on something that’s been tumbling around in your mind or getting something off your chest. The openness and thoughtfulness I’ve felt from everyone has been quite great. Coming into the call with a clear intention could be a great way to frame it, whereas I’ve gone in with none at all, vocalized to my conversation partners or myself. Moving forward, after these 30 days have passed, it’s something I will start doing as I continue to meet random Sanboxers.

There’s also a lot of energy in the network of transitions, people stepping into new roles, getting into new stages of life, it feels very similar to this energy of Sandbox stepping into a new stage of its existence. There’s something in this topic, I will address again at the end of these 30 days.

Week 3 is about to start, as I have a twice-adjourned call from last week at 14:30 with Brady. The first time he couldn’t make it for legitimate reasons, the second I didn’t wake up in time from a nap. It still promises to be a great talk the third time around! Another week ahead and really I cannot wait.

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