Boxing Days Part 4: The End

An energising month with meaningful conversations

After three articles about how this month has gone it feels like there’s little more to say. This month has been really wonderful, meeting so many different people in Sandbox in a significant way over the course of a month. In this month I’ve spent time with 45 Sandboxers, including in calls outside of the ones planned, and two times meeting up with the Lisbon hub. I had 38 deeper conversations in this time, and it’s been quite inspiring. Hearing the stories of so many of you, be it in terms of your passions, or you paths to this moment, sharing stories, experiences, and life mostly over the internet, it brought out conversations that set my brain to hyperdrive.

I’ve also had many conversations about what Sandbox means to people, the role Sandbox played in your lives so far, and the role you want it to play in the future. The history, the present and the future. The energy around this community, the care for it and its members, is great to feel, it’s an energy that is looking to build and grow.

Moments this “week” that stood out include a lunch in Lisbon on a sunny Monday; a skype call with a total of 6 people, 5 of us Sandboxers, and one an inspiring friend of mine; an unplanned, yet natural and comfortable full minute of silence towards the end of a call without video; a letter in the mail following one of the talks; a real and raw conversation about familyon my mother’s birthday; a conversation at 5am in Japan; and a vegetarian dinner to close it off. So many inspiring moments, and I’m still digesting it all. Over the next month I’ll be making something physical out of this experience, I don’t know what yet.

Over this whole month I’ve been saying “one of the reasons I’m doing this is because I can’t go to the summit”. Soon after my last skype call of the month, two days ago, my friend had to cancel our trip that conflicted with the summit. So I changed my whole plan in no time and have now booked my place on the island, arriving in Zagreb on Friday, staying one night, and going to Sibenik for two nights before meeting so many of you in person on Monday. I cannot wait, so I thank you again for the time you’ve given me, and I thank you in advance for all that is still to come.

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