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Letter sent on Jan 31

February Thousand Reflections: Finding Love

Dear Thousanders and friends,

We’ve just wrapped up our January series on Mental Health. We started by looking at what we think would make ourselves healthier in 2017, followed by a more detailed look at how we build our mental support systems. We then turned outwards and looked at how we can support others’ mental health, and finished with a few stories of our own struggles and triumphs with mental health. A big thank you to all our contributors for sharing.

In February, we’re brightening the mood a bit, and talking about love. This month we are testing a new bi-weekly format for the Reflections, so we will release two reflections around the theme of Finding Love.

According to design principles, we are designing our lives every day, and the two most important loves of our lives — work, and relationships — are part of this. It’s a lifelong work, and these days we have both more autonomy, more pressure to conform.

The first story will look at finding the work loves of our lives, and will be released in just in time for Valentine’s Day on the 14th. If you are in Thousand, please check the Facebook group for the new prompt or contact one of us directly!

Happy reflecting,

Gillian and Shihab
Editors, Thousand Network Official Medium

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