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Letter sent on Feb 27, 2017

March Thousand Reflections by Sandbox: Friendship

Dear Sandboxers and friends,

It was a month full of love here at Sandbox (previously known as Thousand Network). We moved to a bi-weekly system for our Thousand Reflections series, and focused on the theme of Finding Love. Our first issue focused on Finding Love Through Work, and reflected on the idea of doing, and finding, work that you love. Our second issue focused on finding the love of our lives in relationships, and featured a variety of perspectives and ideas.

We also started opening up the publication to more Sandbox writers, so you can expect more articles in the coming month. The topics are wildly diverse, but they all focus in some way on our core values of trust, playfulness, generosity, vulnerability, and growth.

In March, our theme for our Thousand Reflections is Friendship; how we define it, how we form it, how we maintain it, what role or function it plays for us, and more. If you are in Sandbox, stay tuned for the prompts to come!

Happy reflecting!

Gillian and Shihab
Editors, Thousand Network Official Medium

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