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Letter sent on Apr 30

May Thousand Reflections by Sandbox: Leadership

Dear Sandboxers and friends,

Happy spring! We’ve just wrapped up a great month around the theme of authenticity. Our first topic was around the concept of authenticity, and the second focused on more personal stories. We also featured a couple brilliant articles from Alex Barrera, including this lovely call to “Be Brave and Follow Your Own Path.”

Aside from the themed pieces, we also had a great look at the French elections from Guillaume Verhaeghe, and the first two stories in a series by Ben Tirone Nunes, on meeting one Sandboxer per day for a month.

For our next theme, we’ll be focusing on leadership.

What themes would you like to see us cover? We’re always open to suggestions.

Looking forward to your reflections! 
Gillian and Shihab
Sandbox Medium Co-Editors

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