Rediscovering True Me

Speaking my inner voices to myself

We are what we are. We cannot change our inner core, unless extreme something happens in either our personal or professional lives. Often times that is referred to as trauma.

Now, here is the question, what can we change and what can we not? Life is a long journey, and sometimes it can be pretty short too. But every moment we stay in this world, we continuously change our values, thought processes, everything. But our core principles and innate selves do not change.

Authenticity as it seems to me

There is a large difference between values and principles. Values are what society imposes on us and principles are what we test in our lives from those values, make on our own and time test it, stick to it throughout the whole journey. Values can be changed continuously as we grow up but principles never change. People give their lives to stay on those principles. For me, authenticity in at its core means to me being able to stick to those principles and stay on our own path, follow our own stairs to heaven or hell, wherever it may be.

Authentic Me

As an explorer on the journey of life, I have been exploring continuously who I am, what I have been, and what I want to be. I built strategies to get what I want. Surprisingly, I discovered on the way that human beings are trying to solve the same problems for billions of years. Collectively we have had the same problems from primitive times to until now. We have some basic questions to answer throughout the journey, such as finding ways to get what we want, building algorithms for it based on core principles, re-using the very same algorithms again and again.

Following the Crowd

I get along with all groups, but I don’t always copy them. I have lived with drinkers and pot smokers in the same room for several years but I never smoke or drank. I’ve spent time with many different religious groups and attended their preaching sessions.

Drinkers, non-drinkers, pot smokers, non-smokers, atheists, Pseudo-Religious ones — I got along with everybody, trying to capture the very best from all of them. I discovered there is good in every group, and so I try to harvest that and leave the bad aside. My algorithm is find the good principles in society, apply it in my life, and see if it suits my inner core. If it does, then I take it as one of my life’s core principles.

Finding the True me

By following that algorithm, I have been identifying myself continuously, through stress, trauma, good times and best times, but I am getting there, it’s almost nearby. And I know I will be always nearby until the very end — until I become another piece of dust, that’s what they say, “from Dust to Dust.”

Being Able to Say Who I am

One of the important things I’ve learned is how to be okay with who I am and what I believe. I did not have this courage earlier. In fact, even still, I also don’t have that much courage to reveal everything. As I have to live in this society, I try stay away from the hassle of arguing — but I will follow my principles. For example, I grew up religious, and in fact I still follow Core religious practices, because those are part of my core principles.

This is one of the reasons that I dislike pseudo-religious people, because they claim to be religious but do quite the opposite as the religion says. Humans are generally dualistic, and normally people tend to say what they don’t do. But at the core there are some very basic things that each of us has to follow — and for me, those are my core religious beliefs.

Fight when it’s required to fight, disagree when it’s required to disagree

We cannot fight everything all the time — We just need to find the way of getting what we want while sticking to our core principles. Sometimes I happen to be in flee away mode, but that’s not the right solution . Such as rather fighting in a situation I tend to avoid that situation or skip that situation. I cannot change the eco-system but I can draw a line whenever I want.

I have to live in mother earth, build strategies to fight the odds, fight to the end when it requires, disagree when it needs to disagree, and by doing this, get what I want by sticking to the Core Principles of my life. This is what I believe is living an authentic life. That’s what seems to me to be an authentic life from the practitioner view.

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