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Letter sent on Oct 30, 2016

The Future of Thousand Reflections

Dear Thousanders and friends,

This week we are releasing the prompt for the 15th issue of Thousand Reflections. Wow! When Shihab first had the idea, we didn’t expect it would keep going this long!

We’ve reflected on a broad range of topics, from figuring out what we want, to how we manage time. We’ve also had three guest prompts — Meicen Sun challenged us to think about rootedness, Hugo Volz Oliveira asked us to reflect on how vulnerability and leadership can co-exist, and Alex Budak prompted us to think about trust.

It’s been amazing to see everyone’s thoughts, but we’re interested in expanding and growing the series. This month, instead of random prompts, we’re focusing on a single theme, and each week will look at a different aspect of that theme.

In November, in light of worldwide events, we’ll be looking at the future of peace. With the American Presidential Elections coming up and worldwide instability, we think it’s a timely topic. Also, at the end of the month, we have the Thousand Network Virtual Summit, which will also focus on the theme of “New Archetypes of Peace.”

The first prompt of the series is here. Please send your thoughts to us by the end of the week to be included in this week’s issue!

As always, we love guest prompts and are always looking for regular and irregular contributors. There are a thousand different aspects of the theme to cover, so please send us your ideas and thoughts!

Thank you and keep reflecting!

Gillian and Shihab

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