24h Post-Launch & What’s Next

4 min readSep 27, 2022


A long time in the making, Sandclock launched September 26th of 2022. This article is about post-launch meditations and the road ahead.

The Launch

We set our sights on September 26th at 4 P.M. UTC, and at that time, we launched. No turbulence, no bugs. It was the type of launch the community deserved. Soonclock never again.

What’s Next

Sandclock just launched, but the platform is still in its infancy, and while anyone can leverage the composability of smart contracts to build on top of our creation, the platform itself has a lot of growth to undergo.

We’re working on some of the coolest problems in the space, challenges that must be overcome in order to truly reach mass adoption. Want to know what’s on our immediate radar? Read on.

So, without further ado, a list of what we’ll be working on in the short term.

Coming soon™

(to be tackled next development cycle)

  • Yield DCA

Sandclock is a wealth management platform. As promised, you will be able to stream your yield into different crypto assets in order to diversify your net worth. ETH and QUARTZ yield DCA anyone?

  • Docs

Proper documentation is a priority, and we’re finalizing it (it’s not done yet!). Everything to do with Sandclock and QUARTZ will be there. A single source of truth at long last.

  • Catch Mechanism

If you thought Sandclock allows you to program your yield you’re not wrong, but that’s only half the story. Inspired by the ultra refined Web 2.0 e-commerce experience, we created a mechanism that will streamline the subdivision and allocation of your principal without introducing needless complexity to onboarding!

  • UI Tweaks

Based on user feedback from the private launch, we were able to pinpoint ways to better convey certain information. The changes are just waiting to be QA’d and it’s off to the races.

“Up next”

(in the discovery pipeline)

  • Rysk & Multi-strategy Support

For Sandclock to scale to the demand that it will inevitably generate, it cannot be constrained by Liquity’s growth. To this end, Sandclock partnered up with Rysk Finance to bring market uncorrelated returns to the masses. While the strategy was finalized a while back, we are waiting for Rysk to launch and survive in the wild for a little bit before deploying the strategy.

  • Web3Auth

To onboard the masses, flawless UI and UI are necessary. However, what if the user does not have a wallet or the technical know-how to set and fund one up? Web3Auth allows anyone with Web 2.0 credentials to frictionlessly create their own, fund it, and still own their private keys. We’re integrating them ahead of our foray into the normiesphere to truly bring decentralized finance to everyone.

  • Gamified Incentives & On-Chain ID

If you’re still reading, you’re probably familiar with liquidity or TVL mining campaigns. They’ve done well up until this point, but we’re working on something better—something that will not let a single QUARTZ go to waste.

Sandclock is gamifying reward systems and tying them to an on-chain ID that will be complemented by your Gitcoin Passport. Sounds boring? It will allow Sandclock to turbocharge its marketing strategies via referral programs that are Sybil resistant, for both crypto natives and non-natives. We will also be able to encourage exploration of the protocol with a diverse array of different quests for its users to undertake, adequately compensated with QUARTZ, but only if you’ve provided equivalent value to the protocol!

This Soulbound ID of yours may one day be used to unlock additional use cases. For instance, at some point it might allow for undercollateralized loans on-chain.

  • Donations and Tax NFTs

Sandclock’s origin story started with the desire to help a Non Profit Organization that saved the life of our founder’s dog. It has evolved into something far more powerful, but the original use case is still in our minds. To make good on our promise to revolutionize giving with lossless donations and bring tax optimization on-chain, we are tokenizing your tax receipts and using our 501c3 entity to issue Charitable Contribution Receipts.

… and that’s a wrap. Remember, this list only pertains to our nearest development cycles. Our pipeline is packed with exciting updates which will be revealed in due time!

Don’t forget to spread the word and evangelize the ‘clock.

Now that we’re fully operational you can expect more frequent updates on what we’re up to! We will see you soon™

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