Sandclock is Launching!

4 min readSep 12, 2022


It has been a long time dear reader, but we have some exciting news to share with you all. Soonclock is evolving into Sandclock!

… and a beautiful refresher on the inner workings of the platform.

“Nature Interconnection” by Skount

We are launching on September 26th

The private launch gave us the opportunity to test in production with a couple of our close knit friends, family, and selected members of our community. This pre-launch round allowed us to further refine the frontend in order to stay true to our promise of offering a superlative user interface and experience. With audits, bug fixing, and the like behind us, Sandclock is now ready to be opened up to the public.

Roadmaps, Marketing, What’s Next

“What will Sandclock do out of the box?” “What’s next for Sandclock?” “What’s the endgame?” All valid questions that we will answer. When? Roughly at the same time as the launch! Attention is expensive and we will want as many eyes as possible on this article. There is no better time than to post it around the most anticipated point in time of a project’s lifecycle—the launch.

What you can expect preceding launch…

  • CEX Announcement and Marketing efforts
  • Twitter Spaces
  • AMAs
  • Podcasts

However, if you’re new to Sandclock or need a refresher and would like to be spoonfed some information about the platform, read on.

What is Sandclock?

Sandclock is the world’s first trustless wealth management platform.

High-Net-Worth Individuals use exclusive wealth management platforms operated by humans to generate a return on their idle capital and allocate it to asset classes and causes they believe in. Sandclock will too, but with more elegance, trustlessness, and sustainability.

To view the pitch deck, click here.

The Nitty Gritty

When you deposit to Sandclock, the contract automagically splits your initial deposit, your principal, from the yield generated. You can then subdivide them however many times you want and stream your yield (or principal) to anything you want.

  • Keep: you keep this percentage
  • Give: you give this percentage to a not-for-profit or program and receive an NFT that can be burned for a charitable giving tax deduction
  • Invest: you allocate this percentage to an asset you want it to be transformed to
  • Custom: you allocate this percentage to another wallet or smart contract (that supports it!); This is key as it leads to many novel use cases that we will be announcing in due time.

Why Should I Use Sandclock?

We are just getting started, but the moat is most definitely there.

It’s beautiful. It’s powerful. Our strategies are top notch.

Sandclock uses smart, sustainable strategies to minimize smart contract risk and generate sustainable yield on your capital. The number of yield generating strategies will remain limited to ensure the best possible experience. Now, without further ado and in simple terms: how we generate yield.

  1. The contract deposits to Liquity’s Stability Pool.
  2. The Stability Pool rewards users with LQTY, LUSD, and discounted ETH originated from liquidations.
  3. Sandclock keeps track of the weighted average price of acquisition for these assets and places a trailing stop loss order.
  4. Assets are liquidated when the threshold is hit and compounded. The trailing stop loss allows the assets acquired to appreciate in price and protects against loss

Because liquidations, the strategy’s main source of income, occur during a) bear markets and b) times of high volatility, our strategy has historically performed well regardless of market conditions.

… and that’s a wrap.

Don’t forget to spread the word and evangelize the ‘clock.

We will see you very, very soon™

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