Soft Launch Date, Open Sourcing Code, Audits, & Holiday Greetings



A cropped sneak peak of the first page you will see on Sandclock’s new website!

As the holidays sneak up on us, Sandclock is going to be a hot topic around the dinner table this year—well, at least the virtual dinner table that is crypto Twitter. It seems that the world has finally discovered Sandclock, and we’re excited to capitalize on that momentum. #1 trending token on Coingecko, enough awesome Twitter threads to fill all our stockings, and lots of positive buzz. Read on for your weekly updates.

#1 Trending Token on Coingecko

On December 20th, 2021, we were delighted to see $QUARTZ as the #1 Trending project on Coingecko.

Much of this excitement comes from the continued growth of our community and the tremendous hard work of our team.

This type of achievement is positive confirmation to both the team and the community that regardless of where we are now in development, together, we are on the right track.

And others are beginning to take notice too.

Soft Launch Date

We are incredibly excited to tentatively announce January 25th, 2022 as Sandclock’s official launch date!

A few weeks back, our developers unexpectedly came across a unique solution to further optimize Sandclock’s vaults. For a week straight, they worked tirelessly to implement the solution, seeing it as a huge win for the project when the work was complete. At the end of it all, quite a bit of code had been changed from the original code audited a few months ago. After several conversations, we decided we must stay true to our ethos and see another audit through to the end.

The January 25th launch is dependent on our developers being able to properly work through the audit results and submit fixes. Whether or not that exact date sticks, the launch will certainly fall near January 25th. We will keep you updated once we receive the audit results, which will be publicly available, and our developers have had a chance to review the audit.

Please do remember that January 25th is a soft launch date, meaning it could change. Nonetheless, we are working toward that date, and you, me, us…we all have the same goal in mind!

On a somewhat related note, we hope to have our website reveal right around launch. The design is finished and looking beautiful. Now we just need to free up our frontend developers so they can work their magic on implementation.

Audits: Code Arena and Trail of Bits

As briefly mentioned in a previous article, we are thrilled to already have more audits scheduled for the New Year. The Sandclock team firmly believes a project can never have too many audits—audits are what help keep our users safe after all.

On January 6th, Sandclock will be part of a Code Arena auditing competition. On this day, we will also open source our code base for the first time ever.

Code Arena is great because you get many eyes reviewing your code all in one go. The Code Arena audit will take a week, and then our developers estimate they will need another week to review it and submit fixes.

As for Trail of Bits, we haven’t yet confirmed a date, but we have signed the contract and expect to have another audit in May or June.

Holiday Greetings

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

In honor of the holidays and all your love and support, we are planning a digital art contest to take place sometime in the next couple weeks. The prize? Some shiny $QUARTZ 🤩. Keep an eye out for that.

In the meantime, in light of the holiday spirit, we encourage you to pay it forward this season. Make a donation to your favorite charity, pay for someone else’s order at a coffee shop, volunteer at an animal shelter, tell your friend or partner or child that you love them…spread kindness wherever you go…whatever it is that is close to your heart, do your best to make an impact this holiday season. It’s our promise that the individuals on the Sandclock team will do the same.

So without further ado, warmly from the Sandclock Family to you and yours, happy holidays. We will be thinking of you all this holiday season ❤️.