The State of Affairs

4 min readMar 23, 2022


As the end of the first quarter approaches, the Sandclock team presents a summary of the status quo and our R&D.

The Website

We have unveiled our beautiful landing page and given you a preview of what awaits. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here. Best viewed on desktop.

With a fresh and modern landing page, it is now easier to do outreach and continue our foray into the “real” world.

Conceptualizing New Strategies

Since the beginning, you’ve known Sandclock was going to support EthAnchor on Ethereum L1, and much more complex delta neutral strategies on Terra, with automated asset selection. We are aware that reliance on a single given ecosystem is not optimal, and, as many have pointed out, it’s best to not keep all of your eggs in one basket. This is why we have been conceptualizing new strategies, strategies that do not rely on ponzi farming and the like. Mutualistic, non-adversarial strategies that will be sustainable 20 years down the line and combine basis trading, with PoS staking. Basis trading is not new. It is made infinitely better through PoS staking due to unlimited upside, and capped downside, which is practically null.

So why are we revealing the secret sauce?

Because we can. Development of Aura, a sister project on StarkNet has begun. Without going into specifics as it is a completely separate team, it will give Sandclock (and only Sandclock) access to leverage on its strategies, as well as other ways to generate yield on more (inflation resistant) assets.

It is only through symbiotic design that antifragile systems are created, decentralized protocols that cannot be easily forked by malicious actors.

Legal & Regulatory

It is now time to reveal that Sandclock has been quietly and directly working alongside regulators in the United States in order to educate and introduce friendlier legislation, little by little until it reaches critical mass. If you’re a protocol interested in collaborating on this front, reach out to us on Twitter.

In other news, Sandclock’s NPO that will allow us to issue charitable tax receipts in the US has been finally granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS!


Security has always been a big focus at Sandclock. Good testing is how we have found some bugs in the past, and fuzzing helps to track down pesty edge cases. So, while our smart contract engineers have been fixing bugs, our security engineer has been fortifying the codebase. We now have Slither running as part of our CI/CD pipeline, and have also introduced Echidna to fuzz invariants in the code. Thorough testing is extremely important because it increases confidence in the code. It will also make it safer to confidently port the code to other languages (Cairo, CosmWasm).

The Fantastic 4

As you know from our previous updates, we have been hard at work fixing bugs. The good news is that the bugs pertaining to the vault’s architecture have been squashed. The four bugs that remain belong to the strategy contract and boil down to UX. So why have they been left untouched for a week? Because they’re easy to solve. So easy, that there are multiple solutions—four, to be precise. However, each solution comes with minor changes in the UX, so most of last week was spent coordinating internally to pick our favorite one. We have indeed already picked a winner and are now implementing the solution which, among other things, will allow us to frictionlessly support more stablecoins with a single vault.

Once dealt with fully, Watchpug, an auditing firm who participated in our Code4rena contest and is ranked #2 on the leaderboard, is going to do a quick post-C4 audit on the contracts, primarily targeting the fixes. We expect this to be relatively quick compared to previous audits due to Watchpug’s familiarity with our codebase.

Do keep an eye on the remaining issues as well as our own Github repo. Under “branches” and “pull requests” you can find what we are currently working on.

Closing Notes

You can expect another article with an updated roadmap as soon as we finish and have the code audited. The heat is getting turned up fast, and we are ready for it! 🔥 In the meantime, we’ll catch you on our socials.

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