What You Can Expect Before the New Year: An Updated Roadmap

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4 min readNov 12, 2021


With the holidays quickly approaching and 2021 coming to a close, as always the Sandclock team is heads down building. We are as focused on launching a product as ever. Here’s what you can expect from Sandclock before the new year.


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First and foremost, you can expect a fully functioning platform and product. What does this mean?

Soon, you will be able to create your Foundations. This means you will be able to make a deposit, start generating yield, partitioning and allocating your funds, and witnessing numbah go up before your very eyes. Your principal and yield subdivided how you want; your money going where you choose.

Hoping to save for retirement? Or create a scholarship fund for your children? Maybe you’d like to donate your yield (or a portion of it) to charity? Before the end of the year, Sandclock will empower you to partition and allocate your funds however you want.

Design & Platform

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Bürocratik is hard at work on Sandclock’s website. It’s been a very long road, but we are finally nearing the end. Sandclock will likely launch with a fully functional, though somewhat modified dashboard. Shortly after, Sandclock’s new website and final dashboard will be unveiled.

Thus far, we’ve only seen the preliminary “final version”…but wow. Bürocratik has far exceeded all of our expectations. The 3D graphics, the typeface, the color scheme, the movements…it’s any designer’s fantasy. Now we are working to perfect the copy and soon our frontend developers will dive head first into implementation.

Remember… not only does nothing like Sandclock exist, but we are completely recreating the UI & UX — no reusing the same old tired, unintuitive UI that you see time and again in this space. Soon, we’ll be looking for individuals to test Sandclock’s UX. Quartz Knights will have first priority (head to the Discord to find out how you too can be bestowed the honorable title of Quartz Knight).


Not much can be revealed just yet, but we have some incredible crypto native partnerships under wraps and a lot of work ahead of us. Projects continue to seek integration of Sandclock’s vaults, as well. We are also in ongoing conversations with prominent NPOs about Sandclock. Last week, we gave a few NPOs a demo of the UX, and they were impressed to say the least. All will be revealed in due time, hopefully before the end of the year.

Tools & Turnkey Contracts

What if there were creative ways for most projects to allow value to accrue to their tokens? To correlate TVL and token value? To provide liquidity to otherwise illiquid assets? As has been mentioned before, Sandclock favors the wholesale approach. We will have our own product, but we are also creating tools to leverage programmable money for DAOs, for NFTs, for investors… for everyone. These tools are turnkey contracts, templates that can be easily adapted to any use case. Contracts that Sandclock can very easily be plugged into to unlock innovation in the space. The list of templates is long. We are prioritizing the ones that will be used by Sandclock and our partners, before getting our hands dirty to help other DAOs grow with the help of our permissionless contracts.

Looking ahead to 2022

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New assets & New Forward Thinking Strategies

Time doesn’t stop. In DeFi, everything moves fast. Every day there’s a new product, a new asset, a new way to permute existing strategies and make them better. We will initially launch with support for stablecoins. Shortly thereafter, we will add support for alternative assets. It is being done as we speak, and it has been responsible for uncovering potential ways in which we can improve our architecture, make it more efficient, more dynamic, and more composable.

We are Speccing Out Sandclock V2 Vaults

V2 before the product has even launched? Not quite. But it is being thought of and specced out. Development takes time, audits take time. Sandclock’s V1 represents a major leap in flexibility and composability. V2 aims to take these lessons and create more generic contracts that are even more dynamic and flexible. As always, we remain committed to our users and will not release V2 until we have performed all the necessary security procedures, from static analysis, fuzzing, and symbolic execution of specific functions, to audits, so.. Try not to ask “wen v2?” too often!

For now, the Sandclock team is focusing our energy on ensuring our vision comes to fruition and building out Sandclock’s initial product offering. We have a busy couple of months ahead of us, wrapping everything up just in time for the new year, but we are confident, you won’t be disappointed. Until next time, friends.

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