Sand Token or How profitably invest in a sand quarry

All types of derivatives are based on the underlying asset, it may be the level of inflation, currency, interest rate, product or service. The underlying asset of the sand coin derivative is construction sand, which is waiting for its development in a sand quarry, nine kilometers from the Moscow Central Ring Road.

The construction market in the Moscow region is growing rapidly, new infrastructure projects are being launched, large-scale development projects are already starting. Sand is a necessity for every construction. That’s why the sandy quarry near Moscow has great perspectives.

If you are an investor who has decided to invest in the development of this sand quarry, it is necessary to understand that it is a mid-term investment. According to the project plan, it is necessary to connect the power grid, build an infrastructure for extraction of sand, purchase machinery, do overburden operations and only then the development will be started. Obviously, all these operations require funds.

However, how to find investments for the development of quarry? A bank loan is expensive, a large private investor will pretend the biggest part of the business, a small private investor does not have enough financial opportunities. Therefore, in order to find the necessary funds at the right time, a project Sand Coin was launched on conditions favorable for the project and investors. On September 18, 2017, the project will get an ICO, the initial release of tokens, will release SNDs, secured by construction sand. Investors will invest money in the project by buying sandcoins. The collected funds will be used to connect, built and purchase all that is needed, and the extraction of the sand in the Moscow region will begin.

One sandcoin is the equivalent to a cubic meter of sand. If you bought five sandcoins — then you are the owner of five cubic meters of sand. The total volume of sand for development on the quarry is 14,4 million cubic meters, and only 3,4 million sandcoins will be released. Therefore, you can be sure that the number of tokens will not exceed the amount of underlying asset. During the ICO, you will buy sandcoins for $1,25–1,35. According to the team’s forecasts, by the beginning of development in May 2018, the value of SND will rise up to an average market value of cubic meter of construction sand ($5,30). You will be able to sell and return the investment or exchange for an appropriate amount of sand.

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