Day #12: Three talks and something else

We are really getting into a routine of three talks and something else.

It was quite average day that started with a talk about growth hacking, followed by some tips for using Facebook ads. Then we had Cory Johnson talk about how to understand if a company is going to keep growing or whether it’s all just a lie. All this ended with improv class.

2015-07-02 15.53.23

After yet another two poached eggs, we had our first speaker, Chandini Ammineni from 500 Startups talk about growth hacking. Apparently it’s not how to get more of your users engaged, but how to get more users in general so they would get more engaged.

Then we had Massimo Chieruzzi from Adrespresso show us how to set up Facebook ads and that to think about, while doing it. He also showed how easy it is to use Facebook as a search engine to find for example all the people with similar likes.

Cory Johnson from Bloomberg, our third speaker for the day was a bit late, but I rather enjoyed his talk once he arrive. He mainly focused on how to make difference between companies he likes to call: fads, fakes and fabs. He also went into some stories about companies like Groupon, uncovering why the fell and who got rich from that.

Lastly, we had three improv artists showing us that world by dividing us to groups where we had to perform improv. Such as, go in the circle, make a pose and wait for someone else to join, then leave and see how a third person connects to the second, who then leaves etc. It was cool and allowed us to be free.

After all of that we had some business development time and I also went to see the new Terminator, which was rather good.