Day #18: Building a balanced startup

Startup is something that an eleven-year-old can build.

Young founder, human resources, hiring & firing and Startup Grind were main things we did besides dropping an egg from roof & doing research by ourselves.

— -

First, we dropped eggs off the roof — that did not go well for me, but our team had the biggest number of eggs that survived (three).

Then we had a young founder, Josh Buckley (23), tell us how he managed to sell his first startup only when he was 11. He also told us the best way to learn is to teach, that we have to make something people want to become successful & just build a culture.

Samantha Hamlin from Linked did a talk about HR, that I did not enjoy that much. I only made one note there, that was directly linked to Robert Smith’s and Jamie Lerner’s talk about hiring and firing. Question of diversity in a startup ended up with a really heated discussion, as people were rooting for both sides (more diversity or just skills).

Lastly, we had Derek Anderson from Startup Grind talk about his story in the world of startups. Many failures, before starting series of events that could be seen as TED for startups. It was especially cool that he made some of us pitch our idea to him and then he gave us great feedback.

I also had a Skype call with Toro, a Draper alumnus, who has a VC firm with Tim there as a LP. He gave me great insight about what I need to know, who to talk to and what to do, before I could pitch this idea to Tim on our last days. (Thanks Toro!)