Day #20–21: Race to Unicorn

It’s hard to spot a unicorn, but we saw three of them.

These two days were all about speed — we raced with go-karts and visited three fast growing unicorns: AirBnb, Pinterest & Uber. We also asked for a job, got five B-cards and one persons life-story.

Unicorn - AirBnb
Unicorn - AirBnb workstation
Unicorn - Pinterest nametag
Unicorn - Pinterest
Unicorn - Pinterest
Unicorn - Uber nametag
Unicorn - Uber
San Francisco

In the morning we went to race with go-karts. Seventy of us were divided into groups of ten, who raced against each other. I managed to get to first place in the first lap and hold it for the next twenty-five. Ricardo, who got the second place, wanted to compete with me again and we went to laser maze. I also got the better time there and decided not to let him re-try.

Later, we had to go to the city and get a job offer, five business cards and someones life-story. Our team and few others decided to go to San Francisco to meet a unicorn. We met three (thanks to Luchang).

First unicorn was AirBnb. All of their headquarters rooms were decorated differently, modelled after their most popular offerings. Apparently all startups have kitchens with free snacks, drinks and food — so we raided theirs. I also found it interesting how all the computers in use were Apple products. Every employee had their own iMac and MacBook.

Second unicorn was Pinterest. All of their headquarters was designed using the motives from their most popular posts, making it even more beautiful. Btw, there was free beer and wine in their kitchen and everyone had their own Apple computers as well.

Third unicorn was Uber. Their office seemed to be more business orientated and was more futuristic-looking. Although, they also served free beer and only used Apple computers (now we understand where Apple earns most of its revenues — from other startups buying iMacs & MacBooks for every employee).

All in all, those places gave us all a vision of how to build up our own companies, as well as an understanding how big those companies are. Also, apparently AirBnb had the best Panini out there (though we heard the food in DropBox is the best in the Bay Area). Oh, and all of them had really trendy-looking toilets.

Other than visiting those three companies (we all managed to get the job offer, 5 B-cards & a life-story there), we went to see the the area Princess Diaries movie was filmed, saw a great view of San Francisco, ate some good Mexican food and just had fun.

On Saturday though, we had a more free day, that I spent by doing research on Venture Capital, so there really is not anything to write about. But Friday was the best day so far — thanks Luchang for showing us the unicorns.