Day #31: Week until Pitch Day

Pitch Day is apparently only a week away!

Today we had five speakers telling us about business planning, branding, statistics and public speaking. Also, I was able to meet with two mentors and talk about my pitch.

Pitch Day

First, we had Andy Tang listen to some of our pitches and Tim summarise the Survival Week (read about it here). Then Andy Grayson from Goodby, Silverstein & partners talked to us about branding and the importance of it. Btw, you can follow me on Twitter, where I do real-time tweeting about the sessions.

During lunch, I met with Toro, who has been helping me understand the VC world better. He has already raised his first fund himself with Tim, so he can really help me perfect my pitch.

Later, Bob Tinker from Mobileiron told us their companies story, while giving us tips about running our future companies, as well as how to prepare a pitch. Sam Savage also gave us the best class about statistics, I’ve ever had.

Then I had a chance to talk to a ex-venture partner, who gave me some tips about how to make my pitch once again, followed by Erin Brady, teaching us how to be more confident, during our presentation in Pitch Day.

For the next two days, I have to really work on my pitch, as we have to give in our pitch decks already this Thursday, and I still don’t have a name for the fund. It’s going to be a lot of work and hopefully, it’s worth it.