Is it in your heart or in your head?

That’s the question all of us should ask before diving into new waters.

Two weeks ago, I disclosed my plan to move on from Shipitwise.

Since then, I’ve had 25+ interactions with various types of ventures that could use some help — early-stage & late-stage, pre-revenue & revenue generating, local & international etc.

Some of them need a marketer. Several are struggling with fundraising. Others simply lack a hustler. Hence, there’s a lot of possibility to engage myself. Moreover, some of the ideas are quite inviting.

But non of them really are in my heart…

Is it in your heart or in your head?

Tim Draper first asked me this question back at Draper University.

At that time, I was building another startup — QuikTract.

But I quickly understood that this project wasn’t in my heart either. Moreover, I had only started it with a belief this would be a very profitable thing to do (which it had not been).

So now, I’ve got a sense that history could repeat itself. That non of the existing options are really such that I want to be involved with in 2–5 years time.

It’s not that they don’t provide a challenge. It’s also not about those teams, nor the markets they’re in. It’s quite a mix of everything.

Thus the question arises — What do I want to do?


Looking at the horizon, I realize there’s no certain type of venture I’m looking for. It’s simply the urge to board the plane. Over and over again. At the same time meeting more people bigger than me.

To some extent that’s all I’m looking for…

Of course, this does need to include an agenda. The workaholic needs a mission. Something to make ends meet and keep the brain active.

Thus, I’ve decided not to look for THE ONE project I’d love to attach myself. Instead I’ll see how many companies can I help at the same time by being the Hustler.

That is to say, I’ll stick to my strengths and see where it leads me. This includes:

  • asking the hard questions;
  • helping companies simplify their value proposition and other texts;
  • understanding the metrics that need to be collected;
  • finding the leads + making the intros if possible;
  • generating various types of content or the plan how to do it;
  • preparing investment materials, e.g. decks and onepagers;
  • and hustling the shit out of everything…

So if any of this includes something you’re struggling with then ping me!

Meanwhile, I’m still open towards other types of offers, such as joining an investment firm or helping out a crowdfunding platform (hint hint). Or perhaps something completely different, as long as it let’s me travel or relocate to somewhere new…

If you loved any of this and want some more, then let me know what you’d like me to write about, via Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook.