Who needs Choices?

Awhile ago, I met a friend that told his story of the best Service he has ever had. It had nothing to do with the waiter suggesting anything on the menu. Instead, the waiter skipped that part, simply bringing him a 3-course meal with a wonderful class of wine.

This had nothing to do with the type of restoran, as it was a simple Italian place in London. At the same time, non of the other guests seemed to have received the same attention. So what was different with Marko?

Probably the waiter just understood that he was too tired to be bothered with the menu. It must have only taken a glimpse — but it was enough to know what this gentleman needed. It was not the choices, but the chef’s favourite dish. And who else is supposed to know it besides the waiter…

There’s your options!

People are given too many options.!?

Friends know that I’m not someone who likes options. Not because I don’t know how to decide. But rather I cannot be bothered spending my time to make such minor choices.


Because when going to a restaurant, I’m waiting to spend time with the people around me. If I were just looking for food, I’d be cooking it myself or ordering a pizza. Not that I wouldn’t like to combine the latter with the meeting…

The same goes whenever I’m searching for a service to solve some of my other small problems. Be it gift wrapping, shipping or building a landing page. I need the least time-consuming, but yet effective solution. That’s it!

I don’t care whether it has a ribbon, comes with a yellow box or adds a flashing light. I came looking for a way to simplify my life by saving time and energy.

Of course, at times I do care about the price. Thus, making the choice of where to get the service prior to placing an order. In this case, it’s okay if I’m given an option to buy add-ons — I’ll just skip that part…

But whatever the service is, I’m waiting for the solution be as following:

  1. I pick the service provider.
  2. I give them all the necessary data they asked for.
  3. I expect them not to bother me again before it’s done.

It’s as simple as that.

Nothing more is expected.

If there’s any add-ons that I would really want or need, I’d click the button with such name underneath it.

If there’s any problem, I’d hope for the provider to be smart enough to fix it for me. And maybe give me a notice about it if there could be a delay.


Just pick one for me.

Whichever is the best in your opinion.

That’s how we built Shipitwise. No need to decide about anything. Just enter the information. Pay the bill. Hand over your excess equipment or luggage. And receive it when and where needed. Easy as that…

PS! Of course, if it has something or everything to do with options that are completely mutually exclusive then ask. E.g. whether I want to wrap it or just use a bag, or receive it within 1 or 7 days.

So, what do you think about options?

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