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Meesho -Heuristic Evaluation + User On-boarding

Heuristic Evaluation + User On-boarding

As a first time user, I had few expectations with Meshoo below -

  • Expecting a simple interface where I can share some products with my friends & family
  • Order same products on behalf of them.

After I install and browse for few mins I find myself little confused with whole experience. I’ve listed few pain points and questions :

1. First impression :

There are no On-boarding screens. Video tutorial is a bad product call to replace the on boarding screens.


  • Anyways we’re giving upfront LERAN tab to get know more about App in details.
  • Users are more likely skip the on boarding screens to jump on home and assume to learn from the interaction rather than tutorial.
  • But we can catch some user attention by showing the HIGH quality on boarding images.

2. Portrait VS Landscape :

  • Even if, we prefer to go video tutorial , I’d prefer portrait mode tutorial video instead of landscape mode.


  • We can assume that user will rotate the screen to watch video tutorial for 2:30 sec.
  • Create high quality portrait native video instead of youtube linked video.
  • It not good product call., But but a quick solution.

3. User Types : Buyer / Seller / Reseller :

  • There are lots of confusion with user types,
  • As a Buyer:
  • If I’d come as buyer/Normal user just to browse and order for myself only as any e-commerce app. I would not able to place order in simple and few steps. It would be same common flow with multiples steps. It is not good experience at all.
  • As Seller :
  • I didn’t find any features related to seller. We should have some of modifications features for seller to update the products and all.
  • As Reseller :
  • There are lots of pain points to this app and experience. I guess these users are our targeted users.
  • Carts vs orders : If I’m correct carts is some thing where reseller add products to place orders & Orders are the section to where reseller can see the status of all orders.
  • Option A: If that’s the case, We don’t need two separate options or Move the order to profile/account settings,
  • Option B: We can merge in one common tab. As reseller, Its the products that has been placed order through Meshoo. Only difference is that order placed for others and received by others not me.
  • But this is same thing as we order from any e-commerce platform. There is no difference. The flow should be consistent to make less mistake and confusion. We don’t need encourage or assume that user would learn new things or behavior instantly.
  • Most of the global apps try to avoid for new learning and go with existing convention or common experience/flow.

4. No need to make LEARN upfront :

  • Learning courses is important to convert the sells and earn more. But I believe these all sort of learning should be out of App.
  • Anyways we’re using Youtube as video platform. We can push users to youtube directly.
  • This way we can clean and simply the interface and deliver best reselling experience.
  • Also Learning in one time, Why we are forcing our pro user to see things which is not very relevant to them.
  • In Mobile application, Every pixels needs to have a valid justification.


  • Not able to distinguish between for you & collections tab.
  • First for all, you didn’t ask for my preferences and interests during on boarding and you’re recommending some products based on what?
  • We can merge into one.

6. Catalogue landing page & Images need to redesign

  • Catalog landing page has description on top.
  • User intent was to see product first than description. Most of e-commerce site are giving priority to product first than products details.
  • Always show the visual first. Get user attention and let them to find the description below.
  • We should learn or direct copy existing experience from existing apps in similar domain. please check flipkart product landing page.
  • The products/catalogue images are below average and inconsistent orientation.
  • We can provide proper product template to show the products in high quality.

7. “Share on WhatsApp” is confusing

  1. There are lots of places where share UI has repeated and making confusion.
  2. We should avoid these minor but important design mistakes

8. Profile is missing

  • This is question why profile section has de-prioritise? I tried to find the rational behind. But didn’t find any reason.
  • We should have profile section to profile tab.
  • First of all, Profile UI on button navigation panel is confusing, Its show everything except the profile details. That UI should be Settings UI instead of profile icon.
  • A a reseller, I want to see my wallet/account balance earning in my profile instantly.
  • Then I can withdraw that amount after 10 days as per conditions, or I’d withdraw later after some good amount.
  • This would also give flexibility to control money flow from business point of view.
  • Insights are missing

9. Order process is complex:
  • We can have pagination view for products catalog
  • similar to instagram
  • user can see all products at same time on same screen instead of going to each products landing page
  • Showing description on top has no point, User is reseller not buyer
  • Resller only want to sell the products if reseller has some good connectionsa nd products is good
  • Show the quality visual rather than showinh rexual description
  • Products is hidden not even visible to open screen.
  • user need to scroll the page to see products
  • And even products visiual is smalller than catalog images
  • User can’t add products from different selelr to one cart
  • What if Buyer want two products from different seller
  • We can avoid these two screens & merge than one screen
  • where reseller can add both deatils together
  • we simply give option to choose the margins
  • We can simpler UI to solve the margins constraints
  • CTA is active, we should have inactive CTA incase of blocker
  • Till now i was expectting this orders screens but this all show my Tracker which is supposed to be on profile screen with others deatils

10. HELP US ??

  • We’ve unnecessarily forced some UI on screen. HELP US does not need to be every screens.
  • Help options are also provided on profile screen landing page.
  • We should avoid these clutter to give simple and consistent experience.

11. Some of good features :

  • We should have monthly/ global leaderboard of resellers to show case performance based on earning or selling products.
  • This features also attracts and motivate other resellers.



  • - User can skip login and start on boarding
  • - User to login if want to purchase from meesho
  • - No need to force user to login in start, let them explore the app


  • - I’d prefer to go with still images or animation flow to explain our app.
  • - NO video tutorial
  • - simple & bold caption to convey the message
  • - Animation would be great to get some attention
  • - Ideal screen would four to five
  • - SKIP would be there
  • - No force view


  • - User would land to home
  • - We can use COACH MARKS if UI is not clear or first time user
  • - User can start purchasing products and add to cart and login to make order.


  • I’ve arrange the HOME navigation and UI components.
  • Learns + orders would go to profile > settings
  • Cart would come to bottom
  • This is very common navigation for ecommerce and other selling app.


  • - Here user would notice some features to unlock.
  • - To start business with meesho as seller or supplier
  • - Tap to see more details


  • Profile would have pic + name and others necessary details
  • User can switch to business account(Seller or supplier)
  • Wallet Account would shown here
  • Orders / Traget would also be shown here
  • Learns or help/ contact would be at one place only

Account Wallet Feature :

  • we can have auto deposit some amount to seller wallet.
  • This amount would go only after verification of seller profile.
  • Amount would be given to encourage seller to order products for buyer. Whose who hesitate to order.
  • Money would be collected from buyer after 10 days or return the items.
  • All the margins or earned amount should be shown to seller wallet instantly. Money always create positive impact and give pleasure & build trust instantly.
  • Seller can withdraw earning every month or after target achieved.
  • This would hold your money in system for some time.


-Depend on user interest and terms conditions, User would select the business option

- User can start as seller/reseller or supplier

- Terms & conditions would be same

- User can learn all the term & conditions here before proceed.



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