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It’s Beyonce vs. Trump

She represents love and beauty. He represents fear and hate.

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It’s Beyonce vs. Trump. It’s bigger than politics. They’re symbols. And they’re in a battle for the soul of our culture.

She represents love and beauty. He represents fear and hate. She is drunk in love. He is drunk on power. She has songs filled with beautiful melodies. He has speeches filled with sour words. She appears practically naked. He is a bald man combing over the truth. Her choreography is a manifestation of feminine strength. He is an impotent man bragging about grabbing pussies. She channels the media’s glare toward female goddess iconography. He tweets demented rants about fake news. She partners with an army of collaborators. He sits alone in his bathrobe watching cable news.

And most of all, it’s about family. It’s always about family. She forgives her husband. He leaves his wives. She nurtures her young children. He ignored his.

And now we’re all witnessing what happens when you fail to nurture your offspring. As she revealed her twins in that maternal goddess photo, Don Jr. drip drip dripped his lies about Russia.

The seed of Trump’s downfall is the child he ignored. The one who sided with his mother. The one who wouldn’t talk to him for a year. The child is finally getting his subconscious revenge for what the father did to him and his mother. Junior is Senior’s iceberg. His namesake is his downfall. It’s downright Shakespearean.

(One note to Beyonce though: When you marry a man who brags about being a great pimp, you can’t really be that surprised when he cheats on you. “I can’t believe the guy who wrote Big Pimpin’ would do this to me!” You mean that song with the lyrics “you know I thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em cause I don’t fuckin’ need em”? Because that seems like it should have been a red flag.)

The resistance faces an ongoing test though. The test is to fight in a noble way. You can hate Trump and still choose the path of Trump. When you mock how he looks in tennis shorts, you choose the way of Trump. When you insult all who voted for him, you choose the way of Trump. When you respond with violence, you choose the way of Trump. Responding with love is the ultimate resistance.

It’s beyond politics. It’s beyond culture. It’s about the essential choices we make as human beings. Choose love. Choose forgiveness. Choose compassion. It’s not talking about Jesus, it’s acting like him.

It’s in the poetry of Rumi. It’s in the songs of John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Marley. It’s in the dignity of MLK’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” It’s in the empathy of Obama’s speech on race. It all goes back to the same ol’ song and dance.

Speaking of, remember when Obama used to sing Al Green or Amazing Grace? Or how he danced on Ellen? Can you imagine Trump ever singing? Can you imagine him ever dancing? There’s no music in the man. That’s why he’s so sad.

Hold onto your music. Remember your family. Nurture your children. Thank your parents. Water your plants. It all feeds back. Be the Beyonce you want to see in the world. She is lemonade. He is lemons.

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