Let’s Hear Jerry Jones Talk About Police Brutality

This generic “team unity” crap doesn’t actually mean anything

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Let’s hear Jerry Jones talk about innocent black men getting shot by the police.

It disgusts me to see these Trump-donating NFL owners lock arms with their players without ever actually addressing the root causes of the protest. Let’s hear Jerry Jones talk about innocent black men getting shot by the police or Robert Kraft speak up about the prison-industrial complex. Then I’ll be impressed. Otherwise, this generic “team unity” crap doesn’t actually mean anything real. It’s just fauxtesting for PR purposes the same way the NFL fake cares about women and concussions. Those pink towels are nothing but a red herring and this is just more of the same.

I’m amazed at how quickly they defanged taking a knee. What does it even mean anymore? That you believe in “unity” and “respect”??? They have Disneyfied the police shooting innocent black people. Crazy. And now we’re supposed to laud the same NFL owners who contribute millions to Trump and refuse to sign Kaepernick!? Lemme see some NFL coaches/GM/owners speak up like Popovich and Kerr and then I’ll buy it. Otherwise this whole thing is just a huge whitewashed pile of BS.

Also: The idea that rich/famous people should shut up about politics is incredible because when does our society ever listen to someone who is not one of those things?

And we all keep ignoring the elephant in the room; Why are we not constantly talking about the fact that Donald Trump is suffering from dementia? I would not let him drive a car with my nephew in it. That should be a bar you have to clear to be president: would I let you drive my nephew around? Watch a video of him from 25 years ago. It doesn’t even sound like the same human being. I think that’s why he’s so mad at football players. He’s like, “I’m the one who gets premature dementia, you understand? I don’t even need concussions. When my brain deteriorates, it is HIGH ENERGY.”

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