The Walking Bread: or why zombies don’t just turn around and eat each other

I’m a deadhead, and yes, I was reading the graphic novel back before it was cool. But I’ve been a fan of the whole zombie concept for a very long time, I’ve even written a couple short stories in the genre.

So here’s my question: why don’t zombies just eat each other?

They obviously attack and eat the living, but why don’t they keep eating at that body they’ve killed AFTER it is dead? At what point does that body become unpalatable to the zombies?

In The Walking Dead, they don’t even seem to finish the bodies, or you wouldn’t find bitten corpses all over the place. I mean, they finished off Lori, but that was just a ‘thank-you’ to the fans methinks (sorry Sarah Wayne Callies, you seem very nice).

Sophia, poor thing, got one bite on her shoulder and then whoever was eating her just stopped.


Was she too scrawny? Too young? A vegan?

What makes a zombie stop chewing and move on?

Do they keep gnawing until the Zombie/Walker reawakens in their new state? Is that the moment?

And if that is the moment, then why is that the moment? Walkers don’t mind active meals, they’re stupidly attracted to movement, so a Walker should find another Walker just as attractive as a live human.



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