Time Lords, Ghostbusters and Jane Bond

There’s a certain level of ridiculousness that you reach when your visceral response to the first female actress cast as Doctor Who is to dig up nude photos of her. It’s a below the belt shot reticent of high school boys (note I didn’t reference Frat boys, because this might actually be too low for them) pulling down girls skirts in the hallways or passing notes about a girl’s appearance while she stands in front of the class giving a presentation.

The word you’re looking for is pathetic.

Adam Postans’ reaction to the BBC’s casting choice is histrionic to say the least, desperately typing in references to the old west when men were men and women were, well, not in charge, “it is frankly nauseating that the [BBC] should get on their sci-fi high horse and gallop into Right-Onsville to plonk a woman sheriff in town.”

Putting aside, with effort, the whole defence of the last bastions of old white male dominance (Postans had to go back a hundred years to dig that out, not sure why he didn’t just reference Silicon Valley or professional sports, but whatever), how is it a high-horse-move to cast a woman as an alien? Let’s be clear, Doctor Who is an alien. Like the aliens in Alien. As in not from this planet.

Here’s my challenge to anyone (including Adam Postans) who has a problem with Jodie Whittaker playing the Doctor. Name a woman in the public forum who you admire for something other than her looks. My bet is that other than the Queen (your mum, let’s be Freudian-clear about this) and maybe J.K. Rowling (whom you probably belittle for other reasons, like her brilliant stance against Trump) that you are really struggling to think of that woman.

Then the problem (as you might actually suspect way down in your tiny heart) is you dear Sir. Please go about fixing it. Because YOU make US sick.

BTW: I’m not linking to Postans’ article because it also contains the nude photos of Jodie Whittaker and I refuse to point any of your eyeballs in that direction.

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