Barrie’s 80th Birthday

A birthday party like no other, where deep reflections and thoughtful wishes replaced small talk and ice breakers. Barrie wanted his 80th birthday party filmed in order to send DVDs of the event to his children. While editing, I remember skimming through the part where he says “today, you’ve got to pick up the phone and call people.” I couldn’t agree more. I’m tired of noncommittal ‘lets hang out soon’ messages. If you really want to catch up and if you genuinely miss someone, ask them direct questions and for heavens sake, pick a time and place!

It was my friend Kula who shot the event but I experienced it too, through the edit. The calm, comforting vibe of wisdom. An enjoyment not full of extremes, but with depth and balance. It made me really want to have great quality friendships and relationships in life.

Happy Birthday Barrie and congratulations on life!

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