Movin’, Shakin’ & Filmin’ with NOVALA

Ten piece band out of L.A. bringing an earthy beat to a basement near you!

Next week, Sandymonium is producing a promo video for Afrobeat/ethno funk band NOVALA. They’ve got drums, percussion, a horn section, guitars, piano and whatever else a song may require.

Take your pick!

A West African sound at its core, the band has moved on from just Afrobeat to one that’s inclusive of Middle Eastern, Indian, funk and a host of other influences in their two years of existence. To this laywoman, it sounded like danceable world music that’s super chill and also rich in musicality.

Covers aren’t usually part of their repertoire. A good place to catch their originals is on their website or better yet, live. They’re playing on Sept 10th at Mrs. Fish - what Zach (band manager + percussionist extraordinaire) calls ‘the dopest, swankiest venue’. Nestled in the basement of the Pershing Square building downtown, the venue hosts some of the coolest underground artists in L.A.

Production wise, I’m excited to see how we light this. It’s a small space — moody, intimate, lowly lit — and there’s going to be a lot of articles in the room. We have one evening to get this done so everyone’s been instructed to be on their best behavior. In Kula’s words, ‘no foolin’ around’. She’ll be shooting while I shall follow her with lights and a log sheet. I then get to edit the footage into a really cool medley.

A link to the video will be posted here in a few weeks. Check in then!

Eye of The DP

Watch full versions of all three songs right here.

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