Innovating like Edison to Inspire More Students

Working with the Sanford Inspire Program has helped me develop an innovator’s mindset. The team over there constantly strives to challenge the status quo, quickly adapt to (and initiate) trends, embrace the newest research and actively listen to well, everyone: teachers, students, parents, researchers, coaches, administrators and other professionals who work with children.

That commitment to innovation earned the Sanford Inspire Program’s On-Demand Modules gold at the 2017 Edison Awards.

Established in 1987, the Edison Awards recognize and honor exceptionally innovative new products, services and business leaders. The Awards symbolize the persistence and commitment to innovation embodied by Thomas Edison, who earned more than 1,000 patents. Edison also filed approximately 500 unsuccessful patents. But he kept innovating.

The Sanford Inspire Program’s On-Demand Modules are in good company with other Edison Award winner such as the 100% biodegradable and compostable edible six-pack rings from Saltwater Brewery, the SPEAKall! speech therapy mobile app and the revolutionary ZERO1 low-impact helmet.

On-Demand Modules earned gold because they completely redefine teacher professional development. Traditional forms of teacher PD such as workshops and guest speakers can cost school districts thousands. On-Demand Modules are free. Traditional PD often lasts all day (or week). In contrast, educators can complete On-Demand Modules in under 60 minutes —in their pajamas. Plus, most PD is one-size-fits-all, but On-Demand Modules empower teachers to direct their own professional development.

The Edison Universe is all about “unbridled optimism” and “insatiable curiosity.” That’s why the Sanford Inspire Program will continue building innovative ed tech and transforming teacher professional development with the goal of connecting every student with an inspirational teacher.

Most recently, the Sanford Inspire team listened to feedback from teachers who asked for a more concise PD experience. So, they created Express On-Demand Modules like this one on Addressing Barriers to Parent Involvement, which educators can complete in less than 30 minutes.

Curious about how Sanford Inspire Program resources can improve your school’s PD? Reach out today!

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Each child deserves an inspirational teacher

Ashley Murry

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Each child deserves an inspirational teacher