Why Give Away Your Work for Free?

The Access, Empowerment, and Inspiration of Free

Each child deserves an inspirational teacher. Each child, not just the ones of certain zip codes, backgrounds, or schools. At Sanford Inspire , we create high-quality resources for teachers that support them in developing into the inspirational teachers students need. Every resource we create is completely free to anyone on the internet.


Free ensures that every teacher can benefit from our resources. All sorts of teachers across the world use our resources and we can only provide this sort of access, to the most teachers possible, by making the cost $0. Teachers already spend tons of their hard-earned money on their classrooms, they should keep the rest.

Free empowers all teachers, and those supporting them, to take professional development into their own hands. Our partners can pick and choose the resources that best meet their needs and then dive in.

Free allows teachers to focus their energy on inspiring children. Resources that are personalized to individual needs and ready-to-use lift the burden of sitting through forced, unhelpful professional development. No one wants to go through a 9-step program just to try something out.

Teaching is hard. It doesn’t need to become even harder by hiding professional growth behind an obstacle course of red tape and hoop-jumping. Sanford Inspire resources aim to give teachers what they need, when they need it, in ways that they can use right away.

See for yourself (we won’t even charge you)…