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A Poem

“person holding pink and white disposable coffee cup” by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

perhaps you think her strange,
embroidering her heart
on cufflinks and shirt-sleeves
proud of her stripes, blood ribbons
twisted into elaborate shapes.

she is the sum of every wound
left to fester, 
a monument of good intentions
gone sour, a memorial
to extinguished stars and
dreams, left to evaporate
in tidal pools.

sunlight sustains
but it kills,

this entire life
is a pyrrhic victory,
a terminal episode
forever on its final approach


vitriol hasn’t eaten
the clockwork clicking
behind her ribs

bowed but unbroken,
she retains some human dignity;
some spirit sustains her
even at the end.

she is not oblivious
to the lovely little lights
that occasionally brush
the backbeat of her heart.

there are still
good days, roses can sprout
straight from the concrete
at her feet

she can smile
and laugh, be moved
to tears, and, for
a little longer,
love, in contradiction
to everything she knows;

so let her.