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How To Set Goals For Yourself? — Sangram Lad

How To Set Goals For Yourself?

Many people set out to set goals and resolutions for themselves at the start of each year. They think about what they did last year, what they accomplished, and areas where they failed. Using this information, they then embark on a journey to create new dreams and hopes for the next twelve months.

Regrettably, not everyone understands the difference between a goal and a resolution. For those that do, very few of them know how to go about setting them and eventually achieving most, if not all of them. According to Sangram Lad, it’s possible to set a goal and achieve it, provided you understand the goal-setting rules.

Rules to Follow When Setting a Goal

1. Set Goals that Will Motivate You

Any goal you set for yourself needs to be a motivating one. Confirm the goal’s significance in your life and the value you will attain when you achieve it. If you determine the goal doesn’t have any long-term impact or doesn’t interest you, there’s a possibility you won’t put any effort towards achieving it. Motivation is instrumental in achieving your goals.

Your focus should be on setting goals related to your life’s priorities. Having this type of focus ensures you won’t end up with too many goals. The fewer your goals, the more time you have to devote to each of them. You need to have a commitment to the goals you want to achieve to increase your likelihood of achieving them.

Effective goal setting is what allows you to accomplish your goals. It’s about setting realistic personal goals which will enable you to work hard but not feel overwhelmed.

2. Come Up with SMART Goals

If you have attempted to set goals before, there’s a probability you have already heard about SMART goals. However, have you considered the number of times you have applied this rule when setting your goals? For any goal you set to be powerful, you have to design it in such a way that it’s considered SMART.

While there are many variations to the meaning of SMART, an ideal goal is one that is:

• Specific

• Measurable

• Attainable

• Relevant

• Time-Bound

3. Jot them Down

Thinking about something you want to achieve isn’t the same as writing it down. Jotting down something makes it more tangible and realistic. By simply noting it down, it means you no longer have an excuse to forget what you want to achieve.

When writing down your goals, take note of the phrases you are employing. For example, you should use the term “will” as opposed to “might” or “would like to.” The words you use help to determine whether you are passionate about achieving your goals or whether you intend to look for an excuse as soon as you become sidetracked.

Jotting your list of goals, whether they are big goals or even smaller goals. Having them in front of you allows you to set and achieve your goals — you can just then tick it off as you go making you feel accomplished well knowing you have succeeded in one of your life goals.

Just by doing this allows you to stay on track on a daily basis helping you stay motivated. This works well with short term goals as well.

4. Create an Action Plan

Many people often skip this step when setting their goals. The reality is that some are more focused on what they intend to achieve, that they forget to look at the steps they need to take to make their goals a reality. Losing weight requires a plan for example. It won’t just happen just like that.

It’s best to note down each step and then cross it off as soon as it’s achieved. It will assist you to see that you are making progress and are on track to achieve all the goals you had set.

5. Stick to It

Keep in mind that goal setting isn’t a one-time activity. It’s something that is ongoing and, thus, shouldn’t be seen as a simple means to an end. Come up with reminders to assist you to remain on track. Additionally, make it a point to review the goals every once in a while.



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