Sri Lanka’s potential in Tourism Industry

Travel and Tourism has steadily kept its reputation as one of fastest growing markets in the world. It contributes nearly 10% of the World GDP and 1/11 of the jobs in the planet and counting for more at the moment.

Tourism in Sri Lanka bears a significant role in GDP especially during the post war era after 2009. After peace graced the country, the statistics of a gradual increase of the revenue and number of visitors to the country shows the potential growth of the market. Number of tourists travelled to the country has increased by 400% within last six years and even better growth rate is expected in the coming years.

Why Sri Lanka is the best tourist destination for you?

The small island in the Indian Ocean which is beautifully located close to the equator is becoming the most popular tourist destination in the globe at present. The rich biodiversity, beautiful beaches around the island, inheritance to a glorifying history with developing infrastructure make it more attractive to travelers from all wakes and places.

Tropical Weather with all you need in a small place.

Sri Lankan weather is one of the key interests of visiting here.

· Pristine beaches around the country especially South West, South and Eastern coastal areas.

· A proper tropical warm weather experience in Northern Province, Dambulla, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Hambantota, Katharagama, etc.

· Comfortably cold wet climate experiences in Nuwaraeliya district and part of a few more districts.

· Beautiful water falls in the hill country, hundreds of huge water tanks spread around the dry zone and surrounded rivers range and small streams will give the joy of water.

Natural beauty is the biggest wealth we are inherited

· There are number of national parks and forest reservoirs around Sri Lanka which attract many foreign tourists. These include Yala National park, Minneriya National Park and Sinharaja world heritage rain forest.

· Largest ground animal — Elephants — are considered as a national heritage. There are safaris dedicated to Elephant watching.

· Memorable whale watching and dolphin watching experiences.

Cultural Heritage to road of the human civilization

· A number of UNESCO world heritage sites throughout the country

· 2500 years old Buddhism and thousands of years old human settlements have made Sri Lanka one of the coveted sites of the people who love Archeological, historical and culturally important destinations.

· Adam’s peak is a mountain hike and a religious pilgrimage of a variety of religions.

Social, cultural background and the safety too

· After the civil war ended on 2009, there have been a huge boost of the each and every sector of the society.

· There is an economic development parallel to the infrastructure development.

· Government has identified tourism as one of the key economic development strategy while having 2.5 million targets of tourist visitors to come in 2020.

· There have not been a single incident was reported as a terrorist act after ending the war in 2009 May.

Luxury Experience

· There are number of local and international hotel chains that got number of star class hotels and luxury boutique hotels all around the country. Ex — Aman, Minor Hotels,Cinnamon chain, Jetwing chain, Shangri-La Chain, Hilton chain.

· Standards of food, sanitary, accommodation etc. have been upgrading to an international level.

· Greenery fresh views are quite common in the country if you are travelling little bit away from the towns.

Uniqueness of Sri Lankan hospitality

· Smile is on face is the best sign to identify a Sri Lankan among others.

· Well trained hospitality service in Sri Lanka will make anyone’s holiday memorable for the entire life for sure.

· Friendliness and humbleness of the Sri Lankan people will definitely overtake the barriers of lack of knowledge of foreign languages.

Sri Lanka is becoming one of the best holiday destinations among the tourists all over the world. Recent statistical figures show the popularity among classical European and Northern American have been increasing, including newly emerging markets as Chinese and Arabic countries. India, Japan, Russia markets are developing while the industry is quite stable.

These facts prove that inbound tourism in Sri Lanka is quite lucrative and there is a huge potential to grow when we considering the global atmosphere.