Adi Granth: “Pure is the Word. Pure is the Master’s teaching. Pure is the Lord’s Light which pervades all, meditating on which, one washes one’s dirt off.”

“I would love to be a deer, abiding in the woods living on roots, if, by the Guru’s Grace, do I thus meet my Lord, unto whom I am a Sacrifice.

“I am the pedlar of my Lord, and deal only in the merchandise of His Name. [Pause]

“I would be a Koel-bird, sheltered in a mango grove, and dwell, in peace, on the Word, if thus do I meet my Lord of indescribable beauty, the natural way.

“I would be a fish, abiding in water, if thus do I remember the Lord who supports all. Hugging Him, in a close embrace, I see Him here, there and everywhere.

“I would be a serpent living under the ground, if thus would the Music of the Word charm me, making me fear-free.

“Nanak: he alone forever is blest whose soul merges into the All-Soul.”

— Verses from the Sikh Scriptures — Adi Granth — Guru Granth, Volume One:

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